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Mira Kapoor Exclusive Interview with Hashtag India Magazine

Mira Kapoor Exclusive Interview with Hashtag India Magazine

Mira Kapoor Exclusive Interview with Hashtag India Magazine

Mira Kapoor, wife of Shahid Kapoor, unveils her new skincare brand, Akind. Rooted in simplicity and effectiveness, Akind offers barrier-focused products designed for all skin types, aiming to redefine beauty standards and promote holistic wellness. Sinduri Vuppala gets talking in an exclusive.

Mira Kapoor Exclusive Interview

Explore Akind’s journey to redefine skincare with effective, barrier-focused products. Learn how simplicity and inclusivity drive their mission for healthier, radiant skin.

  1. What inspired you to co-found Akind? Can you share the vision behind Akind and what you aim to achieve with this brand?

    Launching Akind was inspired by my journey with skincare, rooted in simplicity and effectiveness. From observing my mother’s timeless beauty rituals to navigating my skincare needs, I realized the importance of tailored care for skin barrier health. I decided to fill a gap in the market with Akind, our labor of love that embodies this philosophy, offering straightforward solutions prioritizing skin barrier health.

Our vision for Akind has always been clear: simplify skincare by listening to one’s needs and deliver targeted solutions through the Build, Balance, and Defence range. I want to empower individuals to feel confident and cared for in their skincare journey, regardless of gender or skin type. With Akind, we’re not just offering products but fostering a community centered on authentic self-care and inclusivity. Through this brand, I hope to redefine beauty standards and promote wellness as a lifestyle. It’s about making skincare understandable and practical for everyone.

  1. What goes into developing Akind’s skincare products? How involved were you in the formulation and design of the products?

When developing Akind’s skincare products, I always considered myself a consumer. I approached every formulation and design decision with the mindset of someone who cares deeply about skincare and values simplicity, effectiveness, and authenticity. This perspective guided me to create products I would use and recommend, ensuring that each one addresses genuine skin care needs honestly and carefully. This consumer-centric approach drives Akind to deliver effective skincare solutions that resonate with our community’s desire for straightforward, high-quality products.

I’ve been deeply involved and hands-on in every aspect of the brand design and product formulation. From conceptualizing the products to testing different formulations, it has also been a journey of discovery and refinement for me. This intensive process was worth it because the end products are something I genuinely have 100% faith in.

  1. Do you follow any personal skincare tips or routines that influenced Akind’s product line?

I’ve always had a personal approach that’s evolved regarding skincare. For a very long time, I relied on skin oils for my daily face massages, believing they were the ultimate in hydration. However, I soon realized that oil-based products weren’t ideal for my skin, which tends to be on the comedogenic side.

This realization inspired me to create something different, like Akind’s ‘On Cloud Nine’ moisturizer. Its light yet intensely nourishing, striking the perfect balance for a skin massage medium. This is just one example of how personal skin rituals have influenced the products we’ve crafted at Akind. It’s all about learning from what works best for you and translating that into practical, accessible skincare solutions for everyone.

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  1. What are the current trends in the beauty and skincare industry, and how does Akind fit into these trends?

As someone deeply immersed in the skincare world, I’ve noticed a significant shift towards simplicity and efficacy. Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards practical and straightforward skincare: less about gimmicks and more about accurate results. This shift reflects a broader movement towards personalized skincare routines and holistic wellness.

Keeping this in mind, our products are designed to cut through the clutter and offer consumers skincare essentials that work, ensuring everyone can achieve their skincare goals without unnecessary complexity.

  1. What do you think will be the next big trend in skincare?

I’ve seen this growing trend lately; it’s all about skin barrier repair. People realize that a healthy skin barrier is the foundation of good skincare. Our skin’s barrier can take a beating from environmental stressors, over-exfoliation, or just life.

At Akind, we’ve been in this movement from the start! Our products are designed to treat symptoms and nurture and support your skin’s natural defenses. It’s about giving your skin what it needs to stay strong and resilient. I’m glad we’ve trail blazed this movement, and honestly, I’m excited to see more brands embrace this focus on skin health because it’s such a fundamental part of skincare that it sometimes gets overlooked.

  1. How do you balance your influencer, entrepreneur, and mother roles while managing your various ventures, including Akind?

Finding that balance isn’t always easy, but I try it daily. Being a mother is my top priority, so that’s where everything starts. I’ve learned to be efficient with my time, and I like to categorize rather than have several mental tabs open at all times. It’s all about being present in each role, whether with my kids, working on Akind’s strategy, or engaging with my audience. I’ve also surrounded myself with an incredible team and a loving family who support me every step of the way. It’s a juggle, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions and make a difference in the things I care about.

  1. How do you see your beauty brand evolving in the future? What are your plans/ strategies for the future?

Looking ahead, I see Akind evolving in a way that continues to prioritize simplicity, efficacy, and inclusivity. Our journey has been rooted in listening to our community and understanding their skincare needs deeply. As we move forward, we’re committed to expanding our product line thoughtfully, introducing innovations that align with our philosophy of barrier repair solutions and personalized skincare.

Moreover, I’m excited about leveraging my platform to amplify conversations around self-care and wellness, reinforcing that skincare is not just about appearance but about nurturing one’s overall health. We aim to empower individuals to feel confident and beautiful in their skin, regardless of gender or background.

Ultimately, Akind is not just a brand; it’s a reflection of my journey and values. I look forward to seeing how we can continue to innovate and positively impact the skin care industry, offering products that resonate deeply with our community’s needs.

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  1. What’s next? Are there any other exciting projects on the cards?

Absolutely! Right now, Akind is my main focus, and I’m pouring my heart into it. I’m always up for exploring new avenues that resonate with my passion for wellness and beauty. Wellness as a tangible experience finding its way into your daily routine also precipitates an exciting project I am working on.

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Hot Takes-

  1. What’s your daily skincare routine?

I like to keep it simple: Fresh Start Cleanser, Bounce Back Toner, Get Even Serum, On Cloud 9 moisturizer, and No Shade Sunscreen primer. It’s pretty much the same at night, while I switch to Get Even for sleep tight and add an extra layer of On Cloud 9 instead of No Shade.

  1. What are your top skin rules?

Your skin will listen to you once you start listening to it. Keep it simple, and don’t overcomplicate it!

  1. Must have in your beauty bag?

Akind’s Stick With It Sun Stick!

  1. One mantra you swear by.

Less is more.


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