event_aranmula boat race

Aranmula Boat Race

The Aranmula Temple, located 130 kilometres from Trivandrum, organises the most popular and prominent boat race of marvellous palliyodams. At the event, colourful hardwood sailboats with lengths ranging from 100 to 140 feet may be observed. They are embellished and accessorised attractively with golden lacing at the crown, elaborate banners, and ornate umbrellas in the middle. The race is a visual feast for the eyes.

Date: 25 September 2021 

Venue: Pathanamthitta, Kerala

event_decoupage art

Decoupage Art

This art workshop is a comprehensive online class on decoupage techniques. Expert-conducted, the class will show how to make decoupage in real-time, while discussing every single aspect of it as well as offering some tips and techniques to execute it smoothly and effectively. It will be a step-by-step tutorial for transforming a plain paper plate into a lovely bit of interior decorations.

Date: 1 September 2021

Time: 4 pm

Mode: Online

Fee: 250/-

event_all about music

All About Music

All About Music has effectively accomplished four sold-out versions to date and has introduced over 6000 players and professionals from major areas of the musical sector, becoming the de-facto worldwide entrance into the Indian Music Market. All About Music’s 5th season seeks to bridge the gaps in the ever-changing music industry. For music aficionados, this is a glowing opportunity.

Date: 27 – 29 September 2021 

Mode: Online

Fee: 499/-

Sunburn Festival Event 2021

Sunburn Festival

Sunburn is well-known as the go-to spot for EDM lovers in the country. The music and dance beachfront concert is considered Asia’s largest music festival. The annual event celebrates with amazing music, entertaining performances, lip-smacking cuisine, and other fun amenities. Be a part of this ground-breaking festival and revel in the world of music!

Date: 18 September 2021 

Venue: Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

Asia Wedding Fair Event

Asia Wedding Fair

Explore the elite wedding, clothing & lifestyle event, a one-stop destination for all your wedding retail requirements. Savour in the latest masterpieces made by fashion houses from all over India. Be the first to get your hands on the hottest merchandise.

Date: 29 – 30 September 2021 

Venue: Surat Marriot Hotel, Surat, Gujarat

Time: 10 am onwards

Indian Art Festival

Be a part of the interactions planned as a sequence of expert talks at the India Art Festival. It draws together a distinguished group of renowned artists, art critics, theorists, gallery specialists, archaeologists, institution-builders, community organisers, writers, as well as publishing houses representing a wide range of modern art places, settings, and practices.

Date: 23 – 26 September 2021

Venue: Bhaskar Art Centre (CKP Branch), Bangalore

Wood distressing workshop

Wood distressing workshop

This class will introduce participants to the craft of wood distressing and how to apply its methods. You will transform a basic wooden board into an intricate and vintage-looking piece. You can also learn about how to use the techniques learnt elsewhere to spice up your interiors.

Date: 3 August 2021  

Time: 5 pm

Mode: online

Fee: 2000/-

Tie and Die Online Workshop

Tie and Die Online Workshop

This tie and die workshop is a one-of-its-kind experience. You can discover the origins of this classic technique as well as the many methods employed. You will learn to create unique graphics while dying a t-shirt with easy-to-follow instructions. This is a fun activity to refashion your clothes to your style.

Date: 8 August 2021

Time: 11 am

Mode: online

Fee: 1000/-

Athachamayam festival

Athachamayam festival

The Athachamayam festival is a traditional event held to herald the ten days of Onam celebrations. A magnificent parade is held wherein the idol of Emperor Mahabali is carried across the town with elephant processions, a melodic ensemble, floats, and performers at its side. Hundreds of people participate throughout this parade, and you may experience the vibrant indigenous singing and dancing styles of the region.

Date: 12 August 2021

Venue: Tripunithura, Kochi

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race Event

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

This well-known celebration has been taking place amid the grandeur of God’s chosen land, Kerala, since 1952. The festival’s major focus is on the traditional water marches, unmatched by any other on the planet. Alongside grandeur and elegant embellishments, there are also the fascinating snake boats that set the crystal-clear waterways of a tranquil lakeside on flame.

Date: 14 August 2021 

Venue: Lake Punnamada, Alappuzha, Kerala

Fashion Affair 2021

Fashion Affair 2021

Fashion Affair is a vivacious exhibit offering the hottest labels and a wide range of items from luxury and bridal to interior decoration and exquisite cuisine, all held at a well-known venue. The event will undoubtedly become an occasion to cherish.

Date: 6 – 8 August 2021 

Time: 10:30am to 7:00pm

Venue: World Trade Center, Mumbai

The Dream Home Expo

The Dream Home Expo

A lucrative experience for all architecture enthusiasts, The Dream House Expo is a productive forum for increasing consumer exposure, brand promotion, product presentation, on-the-spot purchases, and much more, held in Uttar Pradesh’s most promising market, Lucknow, and its surrounding cities. This is a three-day seminar focusing on both B2B and B2C platforms.

Date: 27 – 29 August 2021 

Time: 12:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Venue: Indira Nagar Pratishthan, Gomati Nagar, Lucknow

Mine N Yours Wedding Show

Mine N Yours Wedding Show

Explore this opulent exposition showcasing the most exquisite and one-of-a-kind bridal fashion, stunning jewellery, and weddings accoutrements in the latest style. This is for all who are looking for some guidance and fashion-forward inspiration ahead of their big day.

Date: 27 – 28 August 2021

Time: 11 am – 8 pm

Venue: Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Ostend Beach Festival 2021

Ostend Beach Festival 2021

Ostend beach festival is the world’s number 1 beach festival happening in the country. This is an ecologically friendly festival established in 2010 where all the visitors are cohered by the fervent love for electronic music. The fest also incorporates a seaside retail event with four distinct stages every day including domestic and international dance artists and DJs rendering an unravelled experience of music.

Date: 9th – 12th July 2021
Time: 4:00 am – 5:30 am
Venue: Belgium Glass Center, Latur

Jagannath Rath Yatra 2021

Jagannath Rath Yatra

Each year, Odisha commemorates its biggest festival, Jagannath Rath Yatra, in the holy lands of Puri. It is regarded as one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites. The Puri Rath Yatra has 3 magnificent chariots carrying deity religious figures: Lord Jagannath, Lord Balrama, and Devi Subhadra. The festival is attended by a myriad of attendees from across the globe.

Date: 12 July 2021
Time: 8:19 am
Venue: Shri Jagannath temple, Puri, Odisha

Bakers Technology Fair

Bakers Technology Fair

Bakers technology fair is a chance to learn, connect, as well as acquire but also market the most diverse range of high-quality and cost-effective Bakery Materials, Machinery, Uses, and associated goods and services. The exhibits present all the required equipment and its applications.

Date: 9th – 11th July 2021
Venue: Codissa Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore

DIY origami fairy lights

DIY Origami Fairy Lights

In this class, individuals will learn how to build a lovely Origami fairy light to beautify the living area or bedrooms. Participants may even give it as a present to friends and families on important occasions. Origami methods are ideal for enhancing the home décor in a variety of ways. By the conclusion of this class, individuals will have created a gorgeous set of led lights to introduce a unique depth to the interior design.

Date: 11 July 2021
Time: 11 am
Mode: Online
Fee: 1499/-

event_zak jewels expo

Zak Jewels Expo

Zak Jewels Expo is well-known among its attendees for its magnificent and vast variety of jewellery and gems. This event allows participants to feel the glimmer of gold, the appeal of diamonds, the simplicity of pearls, evoking primal and profound feelings, everything fierce and natural. The expo manifests a variety of sensuous rubies, emeralds, sapphires, gorgeous gemstones, platinum, and minakari and kundan jewellery. Get your hands on the exquisite collection.

Date: 17th – 19th July 2021
Time: 9am – 6pm
Venue: Taj Coromandel, Chennai

Mine n yours wedding show

Mine N Yours Wedding Show

Discover the luxurious exhibition displaying the finest and unique assortment of bridal couture, beautiful jewellery, and marriage accessories from the realm of wedding. The exhibition is for all of the aspiring women out there, and it will assist women in planning their perfect wedding.


Date: 23rd – 24th July 2021
Time: 11 am – 8 pm
Venue: Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Screen writing Bootcamp with Satyanshu Singh

Screen writing Bootcamp with Satyanshu Singh

Are you a writing aspirant? Do you want to make your concept into a film or a television series? This crash course is ideal for you. The screenplay review course is divided into seven sessions: three writing workshops, two Q&A sessions with Satyanshu Singh, one peer-feedback session, plus one pitch fest.

Date: 10th – 31st July 2021
Time: 4pm – 9pm
Mode: Online
Fee: 3499/-

Harry Potter Book Night

Harry Potter Book Night

A hark back to the fantastic world of Harry Potter is probably the medicine we all need right now. Organised by Astrix study, the book night is themed around Diagon Alley, and will take participants on some exciting activities and discussions on their favourite wizard boy and his magical world.

Date: 24 June 2021
Time: 5 PM
Mode: Online
Registration: Free
Harry Potter Book Night

Dialogues with Poetry Meet-Up : Letter Writing

Dialogues with Poetry Meet-Up : Letter Writing

Dialogues with Poetry have themed their monthly meet on letter writing this time around. The online event will celebrate iconic letters from the past, offer participants some handy tricks on the art of letter writing. It is a great opportunity for the readers also to read their letters aloud. All that you need is a pen and paper. No shilly-shally, get set go!

Date: 2 June 2021  

Time: 6 PM

Mode: Online

Registration: Free 

Dialogues with Poetry Meet-Up: Letter Writing

Fluid Art Workshop

Fluid Art Workshop

Fluid Art is an intricate art form that involves pouring paints and making exceptional art. This art is gaining much popularity nowadays. This workshop enhances your skills in making something captivating. As a part of the session, participants will be painting their initials. All the required material ares sponsored by the event faculty. So, why not, let’s get creative.

Date: 13 June 2021 

Time: 4 PM

Mode: Online

Registration: 2360/-

Fluid Art on Personalized Letters [Online Live Workshop – Inclusive of Materials]

String Art Workshop

String Art Workshop

String Art may not be a new art form, but it is absolutely authentic. It is the geometric arrangement of the different coloured strings to make a pattern or a design. The event is a 2-day workshop where participants are expected to excel in advanced art skills. The workshop is ergonomic and therapeutic. For more details, click on the link below.

Date: 12 June 2021

Time: 5:30 PM

Mode: Online

Registration: 900/-

String Art [Online Live Workshop – Material Kit Available]

illustration workshop

Never Blank : Illustration Workshop

The session is exclusive on the basics to the advanced level of illustration and sketching. Participants are acquainted with sketching techniques and styles. This session enhances the creative process of thinking among individuals. 

Date: 6 June 2021
Time: 11:00 AM
Mode: Online
Registration: 850/-

Never Blank:Workshop Illustration,Creative Process workshops Event Tickets Ahmedabad

event tajmahotsav1

Taj Mahostav

The Taj Mahotsav is a 10 day extravaganza that takes place in Agra. The festival exhibits magnificent varieties of arts and craft, dance and cuisines from different regions of India. The festival is an opportunity for artists across the country to present their exquisite work of art and also make them available for the tourists at reasonable prices.

Date: 18 – 27 February 2021 

Venue: Agra, Delhi

event ranutsav

Rann Utsav

It is a celebration with the surreal backdrop of Kutch’s white salt desert as its surreal backdrop. The activities during the utsav include folk dances and music, food stalls, ATV rides, camel cart, excursions, paramotoring, meditation and yoga. This event is known for its best full moon nights and special tents constructed to accommodate visitors.

Date: Ongoing until Feb 28th, 2021. Feb 27th, 2021 is the best day to see the full moon shining

Venue: Kutch Salt Desert, Dorado, Gujarat.

event kalaghodaartfestival

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 

The Kala Ghoda (black horse) art festival is a nine-day long street show, where Mumbai is transformed into an open-air exhibition that includes arts and crafts, exhibitions, workshops, dance performances, music, theatre, heritage walks and special events for children. The best part of the entire event—it’s all free!

Date: 14th Feb – 16th Feb 2021

Venue: Kala Ghoda Arts Precinct Fort, Mumbai

event worldsacredsufifestival

World Sufi Festival

The World Sufi festival is celebrated in the fort of Nagpur and is definitely a treat for the visitor’s eyes. The fort will be illuminated with more than 5000 small oil lamps to create a charming ambience. This festival celebrates the Sufi legacy and conducts workshops, dance, music, poetry, art and fashion, films and much more.

Date: 14th Feb – 15th Feb 2021

Venue: Nagpur

event udaipurmusicfestival

Udaipur Music Festival

This music festival is a cultural event that attracts musicians, singers and artists from all over the world. Around 150 artists from different countries come together to perform and entertain music lovers. From traditional Carnatic singers to the latest, young band performers this music festival has something to offer for everyone.

Date: 7th Feb – 9th Feb 2021

Venue: Udaipur