Editors Note

“I am not important and it’s not the end of the world…”

How many of you wake up each morning with love yourself quotes and messages spamming your phones? I wake to at least a dozen. The annoying good morning messages apart, I get gyan on loving yourself, self love and self importance on multiple family groups apart from individual gyan from my Isha group, Iscon group and Brahma Kumari group. No, I am not spiritual, I am a just a journalist/editor trying to keep up!


Are we really in a world filled with unhappy people? I guess we really are. Because today, people are living for the likes, rather than liking to live! The need for intangible satisfaction has become endless. It seems like every action needs a validation. I know friends who cannot eat a bite of food before posting it on Insta. Celebrations and weddings are performed more for the camera/ likes/ posts and filters, rather than the celebrating the occasion itself.


Some can’t even seem to go to bed without posting a picture of themselves in their new hot pink pyjama… Really??? The likes, the thumbs up and odd emojis may lift your spirits until your next post, but really how long can you go on this mad chase for gratification.


You get 100 likes for your post, so you suddenly think you’re important. And for the next post anything less than a 100 comments, depresses you… Social media encourages us to self-market our lives, no doubt but don’t get caught in this web of self-obsession. From the shoes you wear, to the brands you carry to the colour of your toes everything need not be defined by the impression you are making on others, or the views you receive. Don’t get so lost in that game that someone needs to give you lessons on loving yourself. It’s ok to take photos and videos (something I’m guilty off too) but don’t capture solely for the approval of the others. Be present, enjoy the moment!


Here’s one more thing though, as I’ve entered my wise thirties (I am no spiritual baba, but nevertheless) I have come to realise that what people need is to tone-down on all this self love drama. People need to realise that it’s ok to be ordinary and ordinary can be fun and happy too.


In this crazy universe and the grand scheme of affairs, we are actually just inconsequential!  My dad would always tell me, the graveyard is full of people who once thought they were invincible and it’s true. The world does not revolve around us! The second we embrace the idea that we are unimportant; life becomes so much more effortless. It’s easier to shrug things off, to let bygones be bygones and not dwell on regrets. So the next time you feel overwhelmed or feel like you are getting stuck in your own importance, simply tell yourself- “I am not important and it’s not the end of the world.”


Here’s to fool- proof life, beginning this April….

Let’s break the stereotypes…

Happy International Women’s Day! Enter March and I’m literally scared to watch the news or even read a newspaper. Along with the overdose of heat we are also fed with an overdose of feminism. Newspapers are laden with pictures of women, social media is buzzing about womanpower, even WhatApp is spammed with moms and dads sending us empowerment quotes.  Oh yes, we must absolutely celebrate womanhood and women in general, but hey all this vagueness does not appeal to me. Feminism is not an annual event but a daily practise. Do we need to celebrate ourselves? Sure! Anytime, but to pretend this is some great feminist victory feels misrepresented.

Especially in a male dominated country like India, such celebrations are premature. How many men/ daddies wake up in the morning to cook or send their kids off to a class? It’s taken for granted to be a woman’s job.  This holds true for everybody–the highly educated, poor and uneducated alike. Take for example working couples. Both earn, both make money, both hold respectable positions but who does the cooking in the morning? The lady of the house of course!

It is fascinating to see how even the most progressive educated women with international degrees and exposure, do not insist on an unequivocal division of household work. This could be the result of myriad reasons, like our society, general conditioning or simply compromise to keep the peace of the house. But this in turn reinforces the same stereotypes, leading to a ripple effect.

No doubt, we are slowly changing, and if there is one industry that is taking the right steps towards this pivotal evolution, it is the digital entertainment world or the OTT Platform. You will no longer see women dancing behind the trees or play damsel in distress while the hero single-handedly fights off hundreds of goons. In an industry that was absolutely hero centric, OTT has come in as a breath of fresh air. With new scripts and women centric content, actors today are redefining and reinventing their characters on screen.  In our cover story this issue we have captured the journey of stars like Shriya Pilgaonkar, Ritwik Bhowmik, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Sarah Jane Dias, Harshita Gaur and others, who have been appreciated for their performance and have been a part of some of the amazing stories.

Yes, Hashtag may not have dedicated an entire issue for women, but we salute them in every section of our magazine. From Start-ups to NGOs, to fashion to my everyday team of journalists, we celebrate the fairer sex, everyday!  After all, women’s standing in the world isn’t just for the month of March; it’s for a lifetime.

It’s time we take a day off from feminism and instead come together as one and focus on where the real problemss lie! Together, let’s break the stereotypes!

With a good balance of genres, we think we’ve finally created an amalgam that combines the exquisiteness, coherence and perspective of a monthly print magazine with all the timeliness, approachability and interactivity of an online one. We hope you agree! 

Do let us know if there are any topics you would want us to include about or if you have any other queries. Tell us what you love, tell us what you hate! We would love to hear from you irrespective! 

On that note, lets welcome 2021 with a bang and aim to not just be great, but awesome this year! And remember, you can’t stand out by fitting in!

Here’s to an amazing month…

Sinduri Vuppala










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