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Rural Healthcare Solutions

Rural Healthcare Solutions

Rural Healthcare Solutions

Medyseva, a healthcare start-up dedicated to serving rural India, is led by Rachita Kasliwal, an alumna of Mayo College Girls School, Ajmer. Following her academic journey with a B.Com (Hons.) from Shri Ram College of Commerce and a PGDM from the Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai, Rachita immersed herself in her family’s healthcare business. As the driving force behind Medyseva’s Marketing and Operations, Rachita champions the mission to provide accessible medical services to rural communities. Since July 2021, Medyseva has conducted over 3000 consultations, emphasizing preventive healthcare and hygiene practices for societal well-being. In conversation with Surabhi Goel, Rachita Kasliwal of Medyseva discusses bridging healthcare gaps in rural India through telemedicine.

What motivated Medyseva’s creation, and how does it tackle rural healthcare challenges?

When COVID-19 hit, people struggled to see doctors in person. As friends and relatives reached out for help consulting doctors remotely, initially to my husband, the scale of the issue dawned on us. Rural areas faced a severe shortage of healthcare resources, leaving residents with no viable options for medical consultations. Witnessing this, we recognized the potential to address this challenge through telemedicine solutions. In rural regions, limited access to qualified medical professionals often leads to residents seeking assistance from unqualified practitioners or enduring lengthy and costly journeys to nearby cities for treatment. Seeing how technology helped with online classes, we also decided to use it for healthcare. That’s how Medyseva was born, aiming to bring medical help to rural areas through telemedicine.

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As a female entrepreneur in health tech, what hurdles did you face founding Medyseva?

The main challenge I faced was changing people’s mind set about telemedicine. Many still believe a doctor must see or touch them for a diagnosis. Consulting a doctor remotely seemed foreign in rural areas, where generations have relied on local healers like vaids, hakims, and homemade remedies passed down through families. We conducted awareness campaigns, organized health camps, and collaborated with local leaders to promote the adoption of telehealth services. Over time, as people became more familiar with the concept and experienced its convenience and effectiveness first-hand, their resistance gradually waned, paving the way for broader acceptance of telemedicine in rural India.

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Could you outline Medyseva’s telemedicine services for rural patients?

In rural areas where access to healthcare is limited, Medyseva operates franchises known as Medyseva Kendras. Staffed by individuals (medisevaks) proficient in operating our software and fluent in Hindi, English, or the local language, these Kendras serve as the entry point for patients. Upon registration, patients describe their medical issues and specify the type of specialist or general physician they wish to consult. Medyseva then facilitates the connection between the patient and the appropriate healthcare provider for a remote consultation. Following the consultation, the doctor generates a prescription and invoice, which are provided to the patient.

While Medyseva does not currently supply medications, we support further medical needs. This includes arranging door-to-door services, such as ambulance transportation to nearby cities for hospitalization, as advised by the doctor. Additionally, we assist with hospital admissions and coordinate any necessary diagnostic tests, such as radiology or MRI scans, based on the doctor’s recommendations. We continuously strive to expand our services to meet the evolving healthcare needs of rural communities.

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How does the payment process work?

Medyseva boasts a network of over 1000+ doctors available for consultations, although they are not permanently tied to the platform. When a patient seeks consultation, Medyseva arranges payment accordingly. Financial transactions are managed through Medisewak’s account on the platform, utilizing a wallet system. Upon uploading or transferring funds to their wallet, Medisewak deducts consultation fees from their account balance when providing services. Subsequently, the Medisewak settles cash payments with patients after the consultation. This system ensures smooth financial transactions and convenient payment processes for both parties.

How does Medyseva tackle tech challenges in remote areas, and where are its Kendras?

Improvements in internet and electricity access are ongoing, and certain remote regions continue to grapple with connectivity issues. Despite efforts to improve these challenges by providing dongles and encouraging the use of personal phones for connectivity, some areas still experience poor network coverage. However, these instances are limited and localized, and we remain committed to finding innovative solutions to ensure seamless access to our telemedicine services. With 120+ centres in 10 states, primarily in Hindi-speaking regions, including MP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Assam, and Orrisa, we’re expanding into urban areas.

What are Medyseva’s future goals for rural healthcare in India?

Medyseva aims to expand its reach across additional states and regions, facilitating more consultations for a broader patient base. Medyseva is expanding its reach beyond rural areas, venturing into urban regions by collaborating with coaching institutes and large townships. Kiosks in these centres offer online consultations, addressing the healthcare needs of students and residents. Additionally, new products are being developed to facilitate remote consultations for specialties like eye care and dentistry, enhancing accessibility to healthcare services. Addressing the challenge of mind set barriers towards online consultations is a priority, achieved through educational initiatives on platforms like social media. The goal is to enhance awareness and accessibility, empowering more individuals to benefit from telemedicine services.

Quick takes

What is your go-to fitness routine?

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I dedicate one hour daily to my fitness regimen, prioritizing a specific workout routine. I firmly believe in the necessity of this hour, viewing it as irreplaceable and free from shortcuts.

Any favourite hobbies you enjoy outside of work?

Balancing work, home, and family leaves little time for hobbies, but I find relief in small moments amidst the busy schedule. Driving alone, I blast music and sing along, which is therapeutic. Additionally, I enjoy organizing and decluttering, which clears physical and mental space. Occasionally, I journal, finding writing to be refreshing.

How do you maintain hygiene and self-care amidst a busy schedule?

Ensuring personal hygiene and self-care amidst a busy schedule can be challenging. In my case, the support of my joint family, particularly my in-laws, is crucial. I rely on their assistance to manage various tasks. For instance, I share responsibilities and ask for help when needed, such as taking care of my daughter. It’s important to communicate one’s needs and seek support from family members. Simple tasks like making my bed in a certain way bring me a sense of satisfaction and contribute to my overall well-being. Asking for help allows me to accomplish tasks efficiently and reduces feelings of overwhelm.

Do you swear by any wellness rituals or practices?

Having a consistent night-time routine is key for me. It could be as simple as reading for a few minutes, washing my face, or listening to podcasts. These practices promote physical fitness and contribute to my mental well-being. They help me wind down and prepare for a peaceful sleep.

Who inspires you the most?

I haven’t singled out any particular individual. Inspiration comes from various sources and people, each offering something unique I admire and learn from.


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