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Popular Bungee Jumping Spots In India

Popular Bungee Jumping Spots In India

Popular Bungee Jumping Spots In India - Hashtag Magazine

Bungee jumping is an amazing activity that allows its participants to overcome their fears and test the limits of their comfort zone. It is a thrilling sport that is worth trying at least once in a lifetime. If you are up for some thrill and adventure, Dhanush Kumar lists down the top places for Bungee jumping in India.

  1. Jumping heights, Rishikesh
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Rishikesh is also called the Adventure capital of India. Jumping heights is an amazing place to try bungee jumping. You will be tied with a strong elastic cord and pushed over from the edge of the elevated platform that stands at a height of 83 meters. 

There is a qualified team of jumping masters from New Zealand to ensure the safety of people who try various adventure activities. You will also get a jumping certification, and you can purchase photographs and videos of your jump. 

Cost per jump: Rs 3,500/- 

Best time to visit: October-May

  1. Wanderlust, Delhi.
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Wanderlust is Delhi’s first-ever official bungee jumping experience centre. They have partnered with Delhi tourism to provide the best adventure and safety built with the help of German Safety and Japanese technology standards. There is an apparatus attached to the crane at a height of 130 feet. The participants who take the jump will be given a certificate, a T-shirt and a cap with ‘I Did it’ written on it.

Cost per jump: Rs 3,000/-

Best time to visit: October-March.

  1. Gravity Adventure Zone, Goa
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Gravity adventure zone is one of the busiest spots in India where there is a various range of adventure activities. The bungee jumping tower is installed by a US-based company at a height of 25 meters. To participate in this activity, the participant must be 10 years and above and the weight must be within the range of 35-150kgs. You can ask the operators for photos and video shoots of your bungee jump.

Cost per jump: Rs 500/-

Best time to visit: October-March.

  1. Della Adventure Park, Maharashtra
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Della adventure park in Lonavala is one of the most popular bungee jumping places in India. To take part in bungee jumping you must be 10 years and above and the weight must be more than 35kgs. From an elevated platform of 150 feet, you have to take the jump that lasts for 7-10 minutes, and before that, you will be given some instructions for safe bungee jumping. After that, a certificate will be given to you that you have successfully overcome your fears.

Cost per jump: Rs 1,500/-

Best time to visit: Throughout the year.

  1. Ladakh Bungee Jumping
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Ladakh has launched a new bungee jumping experience for its visitors. It is said that it is the world’s highest bungee jumping site which stands at a height of 190 feet. The time duration is from 3 to 4 minutes. The location of the bungee jumping platform offers a view of Tsongsti village and the Zanskari river. The activity will be done under the supervision of a professional and the jump master will give you basic instructions.

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Cost per jump: Rs 4,000/-

Best time to visit: April to July.

  1. Ozone Adventures, Karnataka.

Ozone adventures is a place full of adventure activities. Head straight to the Bungee jumping section and sign up for the adventure activity. You will be taking the free fall from a height of 130 feet high crane. The unique thing here is that when you reach close to the ground, you will be pulled back up again and there is no fixed platform here. The authorities have made sure that they included all the safety measures.

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Cost per jump: Rs 400/-

Best time to visit: Throughout the year.


Bungee Jumping in India has managed to gain a lot of attention. So this is your moment to fly like a bird. Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith to overcome your fears. 


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