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From Humble Beginnings to Canine Haven

From Humble Beginnings to Canine Haven

From Humble Beginnings to Canine Haven - Wagging Tales

Mrs. Malabica Chakraborty’s Wagging Tales Foundation Inspires Hope and Compassion. Chakraborty’s journey began with a simple act of compassion, from humble beginnings of feeding three colony dogs to 30 in just three weeks. Her humble initiative has since grown into a beacon of hope, a sanctuary where love knows no bounds, and every wagging tail whispers a tale of resilience and the indomitable spirit of a woman who dared to make a difference. It is now a haven for the many stray and abandoned dogs that roam the city. Mrs. Malabica Chakraborty, founder of Wagging Tales Foundation, in conversation with Vittal Narayana Polepeddi.

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When did you start this initiative?

We started the Wagging Tales Foundation in Oct 2020. Our rescue center came into being in Oct 2021.

How has your journey been?

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It has been challenging as well as rewarding at the same time. Government support and funds are significant issues, but we try to brave through with our limited resources. We have vaccinated more than two thousand dogs.

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As normal residents, how can we help the stray and keep the vicinity safe from attacks?

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Sterilization is the primary step in ensuring the stray population in every locality is controlled. You should also educate people and reduce their hostility towards stray dogs, urge feeders to feed at designated feeding spots, promote and support yearly vaccination drives for colony dogs and cats to prevent the incidence of rabies, etc. Statistics show that stray-friendly residential areas have minimal to no reporter bite incidents.

Is there any way to identify the difference between a vaccinated and a non-vaccinated stray?
Ear notching is normally done to distinguish a sterilized dog from an unsterilized one. As per ABC (animal birth control) guidelines, all dogs are given anti-rabies vaccination at surgery but need yearly boosters. Unfortunately, you cannot make the difference for vaccinations; private feeders or caretakers maintain personal records of vaccinations of dogs under their care when they get them vaccinated through private vets or clinics.

Mrs. Chakraborty’s Wagging Tales Foundation is genuinely remarkable. It is a source of inspiration, radiating hope and love without limits. Every wagging tail within its walls tells a story of resilience, echoing the indomitable spirit of a woman who fearlessly embarked on a mission to make a real difference. Her journey proves that a single person can indeed transform the world. I strongly urge everyone to delve into her organization’s story and lend their support in whatever way possible. It’s a testament to the power of compassion and action!

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