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Evil Eye Jewellery trend

Evil Eye Jewellery trend

Evil Eye Jewellery trend - Hashtag Magazine

Evil Eye is a truly democratic concept, evading religious barriers. The concept of the evil eye had existed and still exists in multiple cultures of Greece, Rome, Turkey, and India. This strong belief is the reason behind the craze with evil eye jewellery. P. Manisha gives a lowdown about the trend and its significance. 

Evil Eye from the cultural perspective

Indian hamsa hand with eye. spiritual ethnic ornament, vector illustration

Quite popular in the Mediterranean and Asian regions, the evil eye jewellery holds a sacred and holy significance. As mentioned in many religious and cultural texts including Quran and Bible, the eye is believed to be a powerful human organ capable of radiating positive or negative energies.

Thus, an enviable or a stare filled with hatred, commonly known as nazar in India is said to be the harbinger of negativity or bad luck. To combat this, evil eye jewellery originated as a sort of charm mostly bestowed as a gift from loved ones in history.

Evil Eye Jewellery in the modern world

The modern world is a mixture of firm believers and atheists, thus in this scenario, the evil eye jewellery personifies as both beautiful jewellery and strong charms. To all the fashionistas as well as believers, the evil eye jewellery comes in many colours, each holding its significance explained below-

Blue Evil Eye: Symbolizes hope, peace, and protection

Red Evil Eye: Represents courage and strength

Black Evil Eye: Prosperity and Power

White Evil Eye: Purity, focus and overcoming obstacles

Green Evil Eye: Success, Health, freedom, and happiness

Yellow Evil Eye: Relief and Concentration

Purple Evil Eye: Imagination and Relationships

Orange Evil Eye: Commitment and Motivation

Brown Evil Eye: Protection from elements of nature

Transparent Evil Eye: Sanity and clarity

Evil Eye Jewellery from Pipa Bella by Nykaa Fashion

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Evil Eye Popularity among celebrities-

From Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid, many celebrities have taken a liking and started the trend of evil eye jewellery. Gigi Hadid and her former partner Zayn Malik wished for their first pregnancy with 14k gold evil-eye bracelets.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle also debuted a series of evil eye accessory collections that instantly became a hit.

The luxe fashion house, Outhouse; Janavi’s Talisman collection, Olivia Dar’s collection, and the currently biggest fashion retail business Nykaa endorse and sell evil eye jewellery collection as an independent section in their stores. 

Be it as the most featured form of necklaces, or bracelets, the evil eye jewellery has also overpowered the fashion accessories of earrings, rings, anklets and even mangal sutras.

The collection of jewellery is also one of the best gifting options since it perfectly engulfs the emotional aspect uncompromising on the styling and fashion sense.

Some of the brands having the Evil Eye Jewellery collection include TALISMAN, EK, Evil Eyes India, Swaasha, Joker & Witch, Nykaa Fashion and more.

Conclusion: Whatever significance the jewellery might hold, it has been proven that this jewellery certainly stands as a style statement- the ancient gravity and the cult mysteriousness adding to the charm of this charm.


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