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Important tips to keep a healthy aquarium

Important tips to keep a healthy aquarium

Important tips to keep a healthy aquarium - Hashtag Magazine

Aquarium keeping can be a fun, and rewarding activity. To maintain a healthy aquarium, you need to do some regular maintenance work to promote the growth of your fish. Because aquarium fishes rely on us for their essential needs in life. Fishes that are well cared for live long, and put on their best colours. Aquarium fishes are resistant to sickness, and they are very sensitive as well. 

Important tips to keep a healthy aquarium

  1. Properly condition the water.

The properties of your tank’s water are crucial to the long-term well-being of your fish. Tank water contains many properties such as minerals that need to be balanced out. You must condition your water by using supplements and other important elements that saturate the water. 

  1. Remove algae

To maintain a clear view of the fish, scrub the tank walls with an algae scraper. If the algae have grown on the lid, then you can easily rinse it off in the sink. If the algae have covered the aquarium décor, rocks or plants then you can simply use a clean toothbrush to gently brush the algae off. 

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  1. Check the water temperature

One of the important aspects to keep fish healthy and lively in the aquarium is to check your tank’s water temperature. It is recommended that the water temperature in the aquarium should be comfortable enough to sustain aquatic life. Any major changes to the tank’s temperature can be fatal to the fish.

  1. Change the water regularly

Another important aspect to keep the aquarium healthy is changing the water regularly every month to keep your tank clean and stabilize the nitrate concentrations. Maintain consistent water temperatures that allow your fish and other aquatic life to stay strong, and healthy. If the temperature has changed, then first take some water in a plastic bag and keep your fish in that water for some time. Then the fish will adapt to the temperature slowly, and then release into the aquarium.

  1. Pick compatible fish species

Most fish species can co-exist with each other in certain environments. Most of the fish species usually leave each other alone. But some fish species tend to be quite territorial and aggressive when it comes to their home. Whenever you go to the stores to buy new fish, ask the storekeeper which fishes are not aggressive and friendly. 

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  1. Clean the filter

Once a month you should clean the filter in the aquarium. Most of us think that filters are just the black objects in the aquarium, but the filters are like trash cans that collect waste. That is why cleaning the aquarium regularly removes all the junk before the filter gets clogged up. If there is a sponge filter in the aquarium, then remove the foam portion and clean it multiple times. 

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  1. Keep live plants

Instead of going for artificial plants, keep live plants in the aquarium. Live plants help to promote the natural habitat of the fish. They also help to reduce algae from the aquarium. By keeping live plants in the aquarium, they produce oxygen during daylight hours and help to stabilize the pH levels. You can personalize your aquarium with live plants as per your taste, and give it a unique look.

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  1. Feeding

The adult fish can be fed twice a day, which is quite enough. The younger fish can be fed three or four times a day. It is important to feed the fish in small, required quantities only as they finish the food within 3-5 minutes. Excess food will decompose at the bottom of the aquarium. The food can also flog your filter and break down into toxins that are quite harmful to fish. 

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These are some of the important tips to keep your aquarium healthy. Removing the things that cause unnecessary stress for the fish can keep them healthy. When you clean the aquarium, remove all the water and clean the tank properly. 


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