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Love in every way: The bonds between Pet Parents and their beloved companions

Love in every way: The bonds between Pet Parents and their beloved companions

Love in every way -

Welcome to a world where love has fur- pets aren’t just animals but cherished family members. In this heartwarming interview, Dhanush Kumar delves into the profound relationships between pet owners and their beloved companions. Prepare to be touched by tales of unspoken bonds, shared adventures, and the indescribable joy of engaging with these excellent pets. Join us as we celebrate how pets enrich our lives, providing comfort, laughter, and abundant unconditional love.

Dakshta Singh and Hope Singh’s Journey of Love and Learning-

Meet Dakshta and her beloved Indie dog, Hope Singh, from Delhi. Dakshta’s journey with Hope is a heartwarming testament to the bond between a pet and its parent. Their story is filled with laughter, resilience, and a shared love for adventure.

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Can you introduce us to Hope Singh and tell us more about her unique breed?

Hope Singh is an Indie dog, a breed often overlooked and treated like strays in our country. I wanted to give her the best life possible and showcase that Indies can thrive with love and a caring home.

Can you share a funny memory that Hope has done?

There are plenty of amusing moments with Hope. One that stands out is when I returned home from work, and she greeted me with an impressive high jump, aiming right for my face. I had taught her high jumps, not expecting her to use them on me! Another quirky habit is her bedtime routine. She attempts to catch her tail and rearranges my bedsheets in the process!

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Training a pet is a rewarding journey, can you share any memorable training experience with Hope?

Hope is a quick learner, and we have done more than 15 commands together. One particularly challenging endeavor was teaching her to roll over. It took us about 4-5 months because she initially hesitated to roll her body against the floor. But I persisted, and one day, she rolled over on the bed, making a joyful milestone for both of us. It demonstrated her determination, which inspired me to never give up on her.

Our pets often teach us profound life lessons. What valuable insights has Hope imparted to you?

Hope has been an incredible teacher. She’s shown me the importance of seizing every moment, embracing change, and living fully, even after experiencing loss. She’s a reminder to smile, be affectionate, make friends, and spread happiness without reservations. Hope’s resilience has taught me never to abandon my goals and proudly showcase my talents and skills.

How do you engage and interact with Hope daily?

I treat Hope like a cherished family member. We have regular conversations where I ask her about her day, food preferences, and more. Her adorable responses, such as moving her ears and tilting her head, make it an engaging experience. To keep her mutually stimulated, we play games like towel-treat games and hide treats in cardboard boxes. For physical activity, we engage in training and agility exercises. Socially, I introduced her to various dogs from a young age to help her make friends and create a joyful environment.

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Archie and Mohana: A Tale of Friendship

Meet the charming duo of Archie and his dedicated parent, Mohana from Bangalore, whose journey together is a testament to the joys of pet companionship. Archie, the delightful Maltese, brings laughter and love into their lives. Their story is filled with memorable adventures, a passion for compassion, and a deep appreciation for the bond between humans and their furry friends.

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Can you introduce your furry companion to us?

Absolutely! Meet Archie, our delightful Maltese. We affectionately call him Archie, short for Archibald, which, with its Greek origin, means ‘truly brave.’

Could you share a truly unforgettable moment you have shared with Archie?

One of our most treasured memories is our journey to Pondicherry. It marked Archie’s first-ever trip, and the sheer delight in his eyes as he explored the sandy beaches, felt the sea breeze, and discovered new horizons was simply magical. It’s a memory etched in our hearts forever.

Archie sounds like a character! Could you tell us something endearing about his personality?

Archie is usually a man of few barks, but it’s the sweetest melody when he vocalizes his feelings. He reserves his vocal talents for the unlikeliest suspects- objects that defy gravity and move unexpectedly, like trolley bags or playful balloons. His charming little barks never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

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How has Archie influenced and enriched your life?

Archie is not just a pet; he’s a life teacher. His presence has opened my heart to compassion, particularly for our furry companions. His mere existence inspired me to extend my love to street dogs. We have made it our mission to ensure they are well-fed, receive vaccinations, and get the medical attention they deserve. Archie’s living proof that being a pet parent is an incredible privilege that comes with responsibilities.

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Can you walk us through a typical day in Archie’s world?

Archie’s world revolves around his daily routine, beginning with serene sunrise strolls. We engage his curious mind with stimulating treasure hunts and playful interactions with other pet parents. We once attempted to teach him communication buttons, which led to constant treats and play requests, our day always ends with him curled up with us. Archie is the heart of our home, and our lives wouldn’t be complete without him.

Anjali and Millie: A Remarkable Bond

Meet Millie, the spirited Labrador retriever, and her devoted parent, Anjali from Hyderabad. Millie’s journey from mischievous puppyhood to a wise and affectionate companion is heartwarming. Together, they embrace life’s lessons, embark on outdoor adventures, and cherish the simple joys of their unbreakable bond.

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Tell us about your furry friend, Millie.

Millie is our beloved Labrador retriever, the heart and soul of our lives, and a cherished family member.

Can you share a memorable moment with Millie from her younger pup days?

Absolutely! At around 2.5 months old, Millie had a knack for mischief. She couldn’t resist nibbling on our indoor slippers, and if left unattended for just 15 minutes, would create havoc among our houseplants.

But recently, something adorable happened. As we were gearing up for her evening walk, my father gave her some treats. When we asked if she wanted to go for a walk, she raced towards the door, trying to carry the snack while dashing over. She was torn between her love for snacks and her excitement for the walk.

Millie has taught you some valuable life lessons. Could you elaborate on what you have learned from her?

Millie, despite her young age of 10 months (She joined us at just 45 days old), has been a profound teacher. She’s shown us the importance of not holding onto anger, openly expressing love for family members, effective communication, cherishing every moment, and being punctual. Her lessons are simple yet profoundly meaningful.

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Millie’s affection for your father seems truly special. Can you share more about their bond?

It’s indeed heartwarming. Millie has an extraordinary bond with our father. Every evening, as he returns from work and parks his vehicle, she somehow senses his arrival. She rushes to the main door, tail wagging enthusiastically, ready to welcome him. It’s a beautiful daily ritual that never gets old.

Training is crucial for dogs. How do you engage Millie in her training sessions?

Daily training sessions are a must, and I have found that making them enjoyable rather than rigid is the key to keeping Millie engaged. Before training, we often indulge in a lively game of hide and seek, which she adores. Indoors, her favorite games include tug of war and fetch using her toys.

Ashwin and Bozo’s Pawsome Adventures

Meet Ashwin and Bozo, an inseparable duo from Bangalore. Ashwin the pet parent, and Bozo, the ever-energetic Golden Retriever, share a heartwarming bond filled with laughter, adventure, and the simple joys of life.

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Can you introduce us to Bozo and tell us a bit about him?

Certainly! Bozo, our beloved furry family member, is a delightful Golden Retriever. His breed is renowned for its friendly, loyal, and intelligent nature.

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Everyone loves a good laugh. Can you share a hilarious moment when he brightened up your day?

Bozo is quite the entertainer. One unforgettable moment occurred during an important work meeting. I work from home, and Bozo has a knack for demanding attention with his adorable puppy eyes. In the middle of a crucial call where I was being introduced to my team, Bozo decided it was the perfect time to jump onto my lap and introduce himself. I thought I was on mute, so I started talking to him in baby talk and funny nicknames, especially in my native language. Only when my manager called me out, asking if I was addressing the team, I realized I wasn’t on mute. It was pretty embarrassing, but it also led to Bozo becoming friends with my colleagues.

What valuable insights has Bozo brought into your life?

Bozo’s zest for life is truly infectious. He’s taught me to live in the moment and embrace life’s wonders. His curiosity and boundless energy have led us to explore new places and experiences together. We admire his carefree attitude and incredible ability to nap peacefully anytime, anywhere.

Can you share an exciting adventure or travel experience you have with Bozo?

Recently, we have embarked on a journey of exploration together. Traveling with Bozo has been a revelation. He adores discovering new places, making friends, and being off-leash in the great outdoors. It’s a pure joy to see him in his element, and we have covered exciting destinations like Bangalore, Mysore, Wayanad, and Calicut with our bucket list ever-growing.

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How do you keep Bozo engaged and entertained in your daily life?

We keep Bozo active with regular walks and playtime. His favorite activities include fetch and tug-of-war. Additionally, we make it a point to include him in all our travels, making him our cherished vacation partner.


In a world where love has fur and companionship knows no bounds, we have embarked on a heartwarming journey through the lives of extraordinary pet parents and their beloved furry family members. These stories have unveiled the profound emotional connections between humans and their pets, showcasing the unspoken bonds and shared adventure. There is love in every wag, and it’s a love that fills our lives with warmth, laughter, and an abundance of unconditional love.


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