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Prepping for the character is too sensationalised

Prepping for the character is too sensationalised

Abhishekh Khan

Actor Abhishek Khan might be a die-hard fan of King Khan, but he isn’t vying for superstardom any time soon. The Bard of Bloodartist is looking to enact roles that add to his ability as an actor, and find his footing in the industry. He shares his journey with Hashtag India in an exclusive chat.

Yours has been an amazing journey. From standing outside Shahrukh Khan’s house as a fan to being given a dream debut by him with Bard of Blood, walk us through it all…

Amazing but very tough. I am still learning and unlearning everyday. Hoping for things to happen and at the same time, trying to be true to myself. I started with theatres when I was 15 and now I’m 25. I didn’t do anything path-breaking when I was at the theatres, but I learnt a lot. I’m still striving to do something great. Slow and steady, things will happen, if they have to.

When did the acting bug get you?

Because of the kind of films I was exposed to, I realised that I wish to be an actor first and being a star isn’t in my hands. The films I saw in the 7 days at the Mumbai Film Festival also impacted my perception and changed me a lot as an artist. I feel acting is precious to me and nothing makes me happier than to just act and perform a certain character.

You lost 9 kgs for your role in Bard of Blood. What kind of preparation did you go through your role for Project 9191

I’m not really fond of answering questions regarding transformation and prep. Because with time, I realised losing weight or getting tanned or doing anything specific to get into the character isn’t really something to garner attention for or from or sensationalised. It’s our job to look like the character and act and that’s it. Also Bard of Blood ended in March 2019 and Johnny happened to me in 2020 September. I was back to normal by the time I got Johnny. So no changes as such. But to answer your question, I had nothing specific in my mind. I just wanted to keep Johnny as simple as possible. Away from all the clichés.

What are you working on right now?

There’s an English music video written and sung by Markand Soni which is directed by my friend, filmmaker Vidar Joshi.

How do you pick your roles? 

Actually I don’t get to choose or pick roles yet. I still have to audition for parts where I fit as an actor. But I’m consciously trying to audition for parts where I can show a different side of me as an actor. After Nusrat, Johnny felt appropriate to me.

 Quick take:

1)    Your top three shows on OTT?

Mozart in the Jungle


Red Oaks

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2)    One role you would love to play?

– I don’t have anything in my mind yet.

3)    On screen inspirations?

– There are so many of them. Can’t name one.

4)    What do you do in your free time?

– Read, and make music or discover new artists.

5)    Currently watching on OTT?

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