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Anil Kapoor Takes Charge of Bigg Boss OTT 3

Anil Kapoor Takes Charge of Bigg Boss OTT 3

Get Ready for Jhakaas Entertainment!

Anil Kapoor is all set to take the reins as the host of Big Boss OTT 3, streaming exclusively on Jio Cinema starting June 21st at 9 PM. This season promises a unique twist with round-the-clock coverage, bringing viewers an unprecedented peek into the contestants’ lives. When asked how the bedroom scenes will be handled under constant scrutiny, Anil Kapoor quips with a laugh, “With cameras capturing every moment, all I can say is, ‘Wait and Watch’—you never know what surprises await, both inside and outside the bedroom!” Join Lipika Varma as she dives into an exclusive conversation with the ever-charismatic Anil Kapoor.

Get Ready for Jhakaas Entertainment! – Anil kapoor

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Anil Kapoor’s name is synonymous with the word Jhakas; what difference will Anil bring while hosting the Big Boss OTT 3rd season, with the tagline, “Ab Sab Badlega”?

Maine kaha na -Bahut ho gaya, Jhakas, karte hain kuch Khaas. You should understand that Jhakas’ word is already attached to me. But other than that, we will have something more. You need to wait and watch for that Khaas thing.

How was your experience hosting for the OTT platform this time?

I was excited about hosting this time. Availing this opportunity to host on the Jio Cinema OTT platform for BB3 was something new for me. I always like to adventure with fresh and new stuff.

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I am looking forward to it. Also, I had a different feeling like, Yar aisa kabhi kiya nahi hai, toh maza ayega isse karne mein. You try to give your best when you go with this thought process.

Doing something new has always enticed me, and if you look back at my career graph, you will notice that it has given me innumerable chances to try it out. This being new and fresh stuff, I enjoyed doing it and was keen on learning more about it. I also did ‘Night Manager’ for OTT. I got to do something out of the box and also learned a lot while doing it. I got a good exposure through it.

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You also ventured into doing English films. How did this happen?

I also tried performing in English films/shows apart from doing Hindi films and having garnered oodles of love from my Hindi audiences. I have done ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ ‘Who Wants to Be Millionaire’ [Kaun Banega Corerpati] in English. This was the first opportunity for me to be doing an English show. I called director Siddhartha [Basu] to learn everything about it. We made a look-alike mock chair on which Amitji [Amitabh Bachchan] sits; I tried to learn from the team. You always want the blessings and encouragement from one and all. The team also needs to be good. With this season of BB, we want to give our fans something great, so they find it exciting and hold on to the show.

You have been successful in your job, but whenever you start anything, you always have a fear within you. How would you explain this fear?

This fear in me keeps me going; without this, you would never be able to give your best. One should never feel overconfident. You need to use your anxiousness and your fear so that you will try to do your best. I have done everything with my inner fear; I never started my journey on any project thinking, Yeh toh kuch nahi hai, mere bayen haath ka khel hai; it’s only because I took a step forward with that fear that I have been able to reach here today.

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What is your take on the hosts of variety shows?

There are many fantastic, relatable reality shows down South and North. These shows have entertained people nationally and internationally. Amitji [Amitabh Bachchan] has hosted KBC, and Salman [Khan] has hosted BB’s every season. Kapil Sharma’s comedy show and Koffee with Karan, all these shows have garnered huge eyeballs and received accolades. These shows have made a pivotal landmark. People will always cherish them as they have left an incredible mark on the minds of the audiences. Everyone admires them as they hold a special place in everyone’s hearts.

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How do you always give freshness/newness and a one-up performance?

You have to keep on learning and improving your craft. One should learn more from failures than successes. You learn more from the hardships, conflicts, and humiliations you face during your journey. All these things I have seen in the 45 years of my journey have made me richer in experience. Having these in your memories, you try not to repeat the mistakes that you have made. We also watch the mistakes people around us may have committed and learn from that as well. Having made up from where I started my life, meeting people from all walks of life- talented people, Philanthropists, great performers, businessmen, and politicians; I think about them and learn from what they speak. Bus yehi kehna chahunga maza aata hai- I am blessed that after going through so much, I am getting work.

What is the mantra of your success?

I feel it’s a combination of a lot of hard work. About myself, I can just say I have tried to give my best—mehant bahut ki aur abhi bhi kar raha hoon. There has been no day where I haven’t compromised as a person or human. With whatever strength and capacity I possess, I have done it all wholeheartedly. I have retained my consistency only because I have always worked with good teams, Iske elava kuch nahi hota hai.

What do you think about yourself as the following?

A Husband- As a husband, I can still be better.

A Dad– I could have been much better at giving more time to my family. I did my best, but owing to my busy work schedule, I feel I could have done better.

A Grandfather- I wish I could spend more time with the little one [Sonam’s daughter]. They are in London, and we live here in India. But thanks to technology, we try to interact with the little one daily. We love to talk to her and feel happy. Sometimes, Sunita [wife] and I watch videos of her and enjoy those moments.

On response you receive from Sunita [Wife] – I always get half preference because she is the host and the big boss of the house. Even today, if there are some guests, I am asked to settle down in some corner of the house and leave my room for the guests. [Laughs]


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