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Major Targeted Objects Of The Exploration

Major Targeted Objects Of The Exploration

Major Target Objects Of The Exploration - Hashtag Magazine

The study of outer space is mostly carried out by astronomers. With the help of powerful telescopes, astronomers explore space back many light years to understand how the universe is formed, and if is there anything that is beyond the universe. The physical exploration of space is done by robotic machines. Observations and studying the characteristics of a certain celestial object are called astronomy. 

Major Targeted Objects Of The Exploration

Astronomers study many celestial objects and the works of this vast universe. There are certain targeted objects that astronomers study in detail.

  1. Sun
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Sun is the source of all the energy on Earth and other planets. It has always been the main focus of exploration because the space weather is generated by the Sun. Many satellites have been sent to outer space to study and observe the Sun and its family. Recently NASA Scientists detected that Sun produces a sound that is quite similar to the ‘ OM.’

  1. Moon
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Moon is the closest celestial object to Earth and it is the first object to be explored by humans. Moon acts as a satellite to the earth. Many satellites like Chandrayan and Apollo have been sent onto the moon. Many astronomers and even animals were sent to orbit the moon to understand how life is in outer space.

  1. Mars
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The most discussed topic in recent times is colonization on Mars. It is a red planet that is visible from the earth with the help of basic telescopes. Missions like Mangalyaan and Opportunity (Robotic Rover) have been successful till now. These missions are conducted because the scientists want to know whether there is life on Mars or not. It has been proven recently that there was water on Mars, and the images of water tracks have been released by NASA. In the future, many space companies will try to send a man onto Mars. 

  1. Hubble Space Technology
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Hubble Space technology is a powerful telescope that captures images of the vast universe that dates back many millions of light years. Hubble space technology aims to explore the visible universe. Till now more than 40,000 cosmic objects have been captured by the telescope. 

Benefits Of Space Exploration

  1. Improves Health Care

The new space experiments help us to understand what are the health problems that are happening on Earth. The experiments performed in space are done on astronauts. The cure to many diseases like Cardiovascular problems, balance problems, and Type 2 diabetes have been found with the help of space exploration. 

  1. Protect our planet and environment

The satellites that are sent into outer space provide data on climate change, how the natural resources are being used, types and production of farming, deforestation, and reforestation. They also help us to measure the pollution on the planet and protect us from external forces like Asteroids and Meteors.

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  1. Day-to-Day life exploration

Satellites help us to understand the nature of the planets, the rest of the solar system, and the universe. What are the available sources and resources that we can use on the planet to improve our day-to-day lives.

  1. Enhancing Safety On Earth

Space exploration helps us to predict natural disasters and support emergency relief efforts immediately. Natural disasters like tsunamis, cyclones, typhoons and volcanic eruptions can be predicted.

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  1. Youth’s interest in science

New inventions and technologies, and innovative space programs can help the youth to show interest in space science and understand the ways of the universe. 

  1. Better Jobs

Space exploration provides major opportunities for talented and enthusiastic people to explore the universe and in the future, space engineering will dominate other studies. 

  1. Colonization

There are 8 billion people on the earth along with billions of other species. If there is any catastrophe that happens on the earth, all life will be gone. Right now, scientists are working to explore other planets that are quite suitable for humans and other species to survive. 

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Space exploration is an amazing concept. Many more new technologies and innovations are evolving that will change the way we look at the works of the Universe and any possible extraterrestrial communications. 


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