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Mastering Winter Plant Care with Pradeep

Mastering Winter Plant Care with Pradeep

Mastering Winter Plant Care with Pradeep

Meet Kurapati Pradeep, the green-thumbed virtuoso from Andhra Pradesh whose passion for plants blossomed in his 10th grade. With a terrace garden boasting over 150 plants, including a vibrant array of flowers and exotic fruits like Dragon fruit and Cherry, Pradeep has become a social media sensation, captivating 130K followers on Instagram and 98K on his YouTube channel. Today, Dhanush Kumar dives into a conversation with Pradeep to glean insights on winter plant care, a vital topic for every plant parent.

Winter Plant Care Tips:

1. Watering Wisdom:

   Frequency Adjustments: In winter, plants enter a dormant phase; hence, watering should be less frequent than in summer. Allow the soil to dry 2-3 inches before watering to prevent root rot.

   Moisture Check: Utilize a simple stick to gauge soil moisture. Overwatering can be detrimental, hindering plant growth.

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2. Fertilizer Finesse:

   Moderation is Key: Most plants require less fertilizer during winter. Opt for a handful of compost every 30-40 days instead of heavy doses. Flowering plants benefit from bi-enzymatic sprays every 15 days for enhanced blooms.

3. Mulching Magic:

   Year-Round Benefits: Mulching with wood chips or dry leaves retains soil heat and moisture. This practice ensures optimal plant growth both in winter and summer.

Protecting Plants in winter:

1. Pest Prevention:

   Neem Solution:** Mealy bugs and pests are common in winter. A neem oil spray, diluted in water and applied every 15 days, acts as a preventive shield, ensuring your plants remain healthy.

2. Indoor Plant TLC:

   Humidity Harmony: Maintain 40-50% air humidity for indoor plants. This promotes robust growth and fends off winter-related stress.

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3. Bulb Collection:

 Winter Harvest: Collect bulbs from flowering plants like Dahlias and Gladioli that perish during the season. Store them carefully for a thriving garden in the next season.

Tips for Budding Gardeners:

1. Leafy Beginnings:

   Easy Wins: Beginners should start with leafy vegetables for quick and satisfying results. Success with easy-to-care-for plants builds confidence and enthusiasm.

2. Resourceful Containers:

   Thrifty Gardening: Utilize household items like water bottles or cans as plant containers. This not only saves money but also provides valuable hands-on experience.


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