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We Ruff You, Pets Moms…

We Ruff You, Pets Moms…

Pets Moms

Being a dog mom is a whole different ball game. Bluma Hiwrale speaks to pet owners who share their experience as dog moms and help you with great advice on travelling with your furballs, training your pet, and more…

Road trippers, Lakshmi and Gautham a couple living in Delhi have travelled 20,000 km and 10 states with their three-year-old pup Bruce on broad…

We adopted Bruce when he was a year old. He loves to travel and is comfortable travelling by road, just like his parents (us). We realized it when we drove short distances in and around Delhi, and Bruce always loved chilling in the backseat.  Being a dog mom is a huge responsibility; I can’t imagine life without Bruce.

In 2019, we hit the road for 14 days from Delhi-Udaipur-Kutch to Mumbai- Pune – Delhi. Bruce loved living in resorts. The three things we carry while travelling with Bruce are his treats, water bottle, and food.

To make the pet comfortable is a priority; communicate with the pet, travel short distances to understand if the pet is happy to travel. Make him a cosy bedding, when the pup gets cranky, help him with treats to calm him down. Never pull over if the pet is asleep, and, most importantly, be patient with the pet. Never leave your pet off-leash, and also keep medicines handy.  

From pursuing a law degree to switching gears as Surat’s first canine trainer and behaviourist, Ragini Bhandari’s life changed after she adopted Buzoo… She hopes to educate more people and spread awareness about dogs and dog training…

Spending time with pets is therapeutic and decreases loneliness and depression. Buzoo was a blessing when I lost my father. Being a dog mom is a privilege, I feel really lucky to have him.  Buzzo picked me up in my lows and is responsible for decreasing my stress.

I brought Buzoo when I was perusing law.  I started to train Buzoo at the age of 5.5, breaking the myth that dogs cannot be trained when they grow older.  Buzzo, a fast learner, he picked up quickly and works along with me as a therapy dog for children.

I set up a Canine training institute and pet bakery called Justpawsible, with an initiative to provide advanced obedience training for dogs. I also bake a variety of vegan treats like cupcakes, popsicles, and ladoos for dogs. 

I have so far trained more than 80 dogs and pursued various other courses like canine behaviourist. Dog training is vital because it will help prevent behavioural problems.  The Internet is not the answer for solutions, and a qualified person will help train dogs the right way. Every time you interact with your pet, you are training them kindness, patience, and teamwork.

During lockdown, we supported each other and conducted workshops like Tales with Tails with kids and animal-assisted reading program across the country. Buzoo and I enjoy going for long drives, ice cream dates, and training together is the best way we bond.

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Harshini Vijay, a fashion and lifestyle blogger and a full-time designer based out of Chennai, adopted Rio when he was 40 days old who ended up being her lockdown hero.

Rio entered my life during lockdown. The little fur ball of happiness was my stress buster and helped reduce anxiety. He is my lockdown hero. I felt less isolated because of him. We enjoy time together playing fetch, going for walks, and having a fun time on the beach.

Life drastically changed after Rio. Being a dog mom is a rollercoaster and is not as easy as it seems. It comes with a huge responsibility. We consider him in all decisions, big or small. Be it just going out for dinner or a trip, we need to keep him in mind. I have become more responsible, as it is no lesser than having a child.

Make sure your fully prepared before getting a pet home. It is important to consider if you are ready for the huge responsibility as it’s not a cakewalk to raise a pet.

Consider what kind of puppy suits you, keeping in mind space in your house, budget, dog’s coat, etc. Finding the right vet before you bring the pet home is a priority as it’s crucial to get the puppy checked once he’s home.


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