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Puja Gupta – Beauty with Brains

Puja Gupta – Beauty with Brains

Puja Gupta

Former Miss India and actress Puja Gupta has a figure to die for. With over 1.1 million followers on social media, every move makes this beauty with the perfect curves an inspiration to many. Hashtag Magazine gets an exclusive interview with the bold, hot and sexy Punjabi girl from Delhi who swears by yoga and consistency as the key to a perfect bod…

1.  From winning the pageant to movies, modelling and more it’s been quite a journey for you over the past decade. What projects are you currently working on now?

Professionally, I’ve always wanted to explore theatre as a medium. There’s a project I’m working on that has been delayed because of Covid but hopefully will be on stage this year. I’m excited about that. There are also several scripts I am reading for OTT projects.

2. A dog mom, we see a lot of your pooches in your posts as well. Tell us a little about your involvement with Lwiro Primates, and your work for animal protection.

I love animals in general. I have several dogs whom I adore. Lwiro Primates is a rehabilitation centre for chimpanzees. They save the chimpanzees from poachers, help them regain their strength and then release them back into the wild. I’m honoured to be chosen as the face for their brand, because I feel passionately for this cause and want to make a difference. I raise funds for them through my followers on social media and I am hoping to visit the centre in Africa after the pandemic. 

3. OTT is now a big platform with a lot of opportunity, are you looking at any new characters to play?

I would love to play an Avatar sort of role where I get to actually do some martial arts. I have a brown belt in kickboxing and would love to get an opportunity for some of that on screen! 

4.Since winning the Miss Universe pageant back in 2007 until today, you have managed to maintain a svelte figure. How do you manage to keep fit?

I am a fitness fiend! I have a home yoga, gym and a workout routine that I follow religiously. My main practice is yoga. I have been practising flow yoga for over a decade with my guru Dattatray Kudekar, who’s quite amazing and has even trained the Russian Prime Minister Putin.I’m consistent with my practice and put in at least an hour, because I truly believe that practice makes you perfect. It takes both practice and determination, which in turn teaches me patience. That’s the core of my fitness journey and I’m still learning. 

5. What does your average diet consist of? There are so many theories on nutrition, what is your take on it?

I don’t believe in diets really. l prefer other methods like portion control and that works really well for my body. There’s enough awareness for everyone now on what is beneficial for the body and what is simply for pleasure. Harsh diets I feel, usually end up as self-destructive, because they are hard to sustain and people lose hope. I start my day with a protein packed breakfast and then I eat whatever I want, but always control the portions. 

6. What are your top 5 fitness rules?

1. Remember that fitness is not just about looking good, it’s also about feeling good and having enough energy to do all that you want in your day, effectively 

2. Get enough rest. A good night’s sleep is essential. In the lockdown many people’s sleep patterns have got affected – this can harm your long term wellbeing, so make sure you rest. 

3. Workout religiously. Make it your anchor. Put aside at least an hour a day, and do it!

4. Hydrate: Drink enough water every day. Our bodies are mostly made up of water and when we lose this it is important to replenish.    

5.  Make good food choices. Don’t expect a miracle in a day, give yourself time to become the best version of you

Quick Take:

· One fitness mantra you can’t go wrong with

Portion control with food 

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· On cheat days

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· Any fitness writer/influencer you look up to

My guru is my inspiration Dattatray Kudekar. Humble and simple, he is my inspiration for fitness.

· How do you control binge eating?

Intermittent fasting – I fast for 16 hours so I stop eating after 8 pm and that has helped me a lot with binge eating at night. 

· Any quick fixes for weight loss

I wish but quick also goes fast so be careful

· Hottest actor in the industry

Hrithik Roshan

  • On Fad Diets:  I’m a Punjabi girl from Delhi, who loves food! I haven’t ever followed diets and wouldn’t recommend them to others.


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