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Step into Vintage Eden for GOURMET DELIGHTS!

Step into Vintage Eden for GOURMET DELIGHTS!

Step into Vintage Eden for GOURMET DELIGHTS! - Hashtag Magazine

Everything appetizing about Eve

the classy Restaurant at Powai!

A no-frills entrance that opens into a winding staircase, unique by all restaurant standards is your gateway to Eve. Situated at a vantage point of the Hiranandani Gardens at Powai, this is an enchanting getaway for one and all. 

From the moment you step in, you can’t miss the courtesy extended, be it with a welcome drink or an escort to guide you to your reservation spot. A far cry from the run-of-the-mill interiors, Eve is pervaded by a rustic ambience enriched with wooden and jute décor. With soothing lights, a cosy ambience and rich global cuisine, it spoils you for choice. Canta Dadlaney gives a lowdown on the space…

The sprawling space is well-demarcated into a smoker’s zone, a special space for a corporate meet, a family get-together or a cosy ‘we-two’. For the solo adventurer, you can grab a book from their innovative concept of an in-house collection and enjoy your drink or meal in a corner with the utmost bliss. Need to quickly refresh? Walk into the washroom with larger-than-life sizes that enhance your vanity!

You can binge on some exotic signature cocktails that range from Butterfly fizz from Cuba to the famous Tiramisu of Italy. The Japanese spritzer is a hot favourite for many. Signature cocktails include Berry Bramble, Nostalgia, Barrel Oak Fashion and Pop Star while some of the classic cocktails include Mojito and Manhattan not to forget Cosmopolitan. Rose, Red, Sparkling and White wines leave you craving for more. 

You can indulge in a feast for breakfast with a wide variety of scrambled eggs, Belgium waffles, vegan matcha chia pudding or richly-laden Dora pancakes. For the fastidious, there are Nachos, Cajun fritters, Croquettes Chicken pops and even Jhalmuri Makhana which you can down with some delicious soups. 

The Corny pink pepper chicken, rich in pickled onions and homemade chutney is deliciously different. The varied Sushi is distinct with its flavours and simply irresistible! If you love Pizzas, you have to dig into the delicious stone oven Pesto pizza that comes with confit tomatoes, olives and ricotta. The pizzas here are worth discovering for the adventurous toppings! 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t ignore Reese’s chocolate tart, the Gianduja mousse or the milk cake to name a few.

Hold a drink in one hand and a book in the other and sway to the soft music on one of the swings, you truly get transported to the garden of Eden. Friendly service personnel, magical environs and comfortable seating, private yet open space – you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Eve gives a twist to almost every aspect of cuisine. From an Iranian Veg kheema to Hangla Dum biryani, it even offers you mouth-watering fish tikkas!

Tastefully done in every sense of the word, Eve is a refreshing outlet on any day, indulge in its tasty flavours of beverages and cuisine. Eve exudes warmth and privacy, far from the bustling crowds of the city. From serving small plates to large ones, its friendly service personnel truly do justice to ‘service with a smile.’

The restaurant is simply Eve in all its splendour! 

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Sentinal Building, 101, First Floor, Opposite Powai Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076


Breakfast for two: Rs 900 – Rs 1200

Lunch for two (small plates)  – Rs 1250 – Rs 1600

Lunch for two (large plates – Rs  1350 – Rs 2500


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