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What’s Beyond The Universe?

What’s Beyond The Universe?

What's Beyond The Universe - Hashtag Magazine

There have been many theories about the creation of the Universe. The believers of God believe that God created the universe and every other living creature on earth. However, scientists state that the universe was created by a big bang and this theory has been under discussion for many years. Many debates between scientists and believers happened, but there has been no significant theory about how the universe was created and what’s beyond it. We will look into some theories about what’s beyond the universe.

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What’s Beyond The Universe?

In the beginning, approximately 13.7 billion years ago, our universe came into existence. The primordial light started shooting across the cosmos and spreading throughout the vast universe. Just a few months ago, NASA released some breathtaking photos of the observable universe. Observable Universe is a term that is defined by the speed of light. We can see things only which light reflects or emits to us.

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Cosmologists and scientists say that the observable universe keeps getting bigger and bigger. What we see in the photos might be just a small aspect of this vast universe. A lot more universes may exist beyond what we can observe.

Defining what’s beyond the universe would simply imply that the universe has an edge. The answer to this question completely depends on how one views this question. The key to understanding this question is done by understanding the facet of physics.

Ultimately, there are two ways we could reach the edge of the universe. One is to travel faster than the speed of light (299 792 458 m/s) which is highly impossible. The second theory is transcending space-time (a power to exist beyond the concepts of space and time) which is also impossible.

Astronomers believe that space might be infinite. If we go further than the observable universe, then we will find another solar system with earth identical in every way except that there is a different version of yourself on the planet. That is just one of the major theories which have been in discussion for quite some time. If the universe is expanding at a rapid pace, some of the questions include- What is it expanding into? What if human beings can fly towards the edge of this universe? What would we see? Here are some theories about what we might see beyond this universe.

1. Beyond the Hubble Volume: Beyond the Hubble Volume you won’t just find just other solar systems, stars, and other planets, you will find everything if you go far enough. You may find another solar system with earth identical to ours with the same weather and facilities just as this one, another Hubble Volume that is identical to ours.

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2. Inside a Black Hole: Another interesting phenomenon is that there are black holes beyond our universe. Our universe may be inside a black hole. They are nothing but stellar objects that came into creation when the stars collapsed under their mass which forms an incredibly dense singularity. If you go close to the black hole, you will be pulled towards them because its gravitational pull is very extreme. Once you are in the black hole, what lies beyond the horizon of a black hole remains a mystery. There may be a bigger universe outside our universe.

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3. Many Parallel Universes: The popular scientist Stephen Hawking said that there are many universes out there. The most accepted theory in this segment is the string theory which involves membranes that vibrate in other dimensions. The effects of this vibration helps to understand the observed distribution of matter in our universe.

Based on the same theory, many movies on Multiverse and books on the same concept like The Hidden Reality by Brain Greene, and Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku have been made and produced. Nothing has been directly observed to prove the existence of a multiverse but the theories suggest that they exist.

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The other theories suggest that there is just an empty void beyond our universe. A complete emptiness of everything or there will be complete blackness spread across the void.

Conclusion: As the universe is expanding faster than light can travel, we will never get the perfect answer to know what truly lies beyond our universe. It may always remain a mystery to humanity. Many theories and speculations will keep coming about what lies beyond.


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