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Art for Interior Styling

Art for Interior Styling

Art for Interior Styling

Incorporating art to your walls is one of the most fascinating design tricks you can add to your interior style. There is nothing more appealing than building a space with a good painting on a wall, a majestic sculpture with the purpose of creating good vibes and high standards at the interiors.

SHRUTI VIJ, designer and visual artist based in Gurgaon shares some pro tips on getting your house decked to perfection with some choice art.

Contemporary art includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, and found objects. The textures, colours and forms which the art features have a great visual impact on an interior space. A great way to make your home feel cosy and relaxed is by making your artwork reflect this. Art is connected with interior design through the aesthetic and emotions that it communicates. It’s a trend nowadays that interior designers and interior stylists develop their spaces, basing their project on a piece of artwork, implementing their colourful palette, their fabrics and decorative details, in a painting essence or some other art piece.

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How to display your artworks

Art can act as a framework for a room. It is a guide to position pieces of furniture to make the most of the room. A well chosen artwork can transform any room and tie together the cushions and furniture to create the finished look. Larger works give proportion and bring scale to a room, which can enhance a space. It is key to consider the artwork you are hanging, as some pieces deserve to be alone. Others, such as sketches, photos and small-scale prints, work best in groups, clustered by a staircase, above a sofa or simply strung along a wall.

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Pic courtesy: Shruti Arts

Firstly, make sure that you always consider three elements: composition, scale and balance to showcase your art. Work on an interesting combination of these elements, analyse it and see how you feel.

A well chosen artwork can transform any room and tie together the cushions and furniture to create the finished look.

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Secondly, display in such a manner that the sizes of the different artworks complement each other, and do not overpower one another.

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Lastly, art is subjective, and there is no right way to showcase it. It is more about the fondness it gives you and your family. When you embrace and adore it, everyone else will.


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