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Flyzy, a statup by Deepak Meena, Hansraj Patel and Arjit Singh is onboarding passengers with artificial intelligence (AI) led technology that is helping first time flyers being a tech driven app to assist travel.

Bindu Gopal Rao

Even as the second wave of the Coronavirus is sweeping the nation, there has been a steady and sustained increase in air passenger traffic. In fact, it is being said that the air traffic is quite close to the pre-COVID levels and this has led to an increase in the passengers at the airports. Keeping this in mind as well as safety and hygiene requirements for travelers, including new flyers, Flyzy a tech startup founded by three young tech geeks has launched their app for a completely hassle-free journey.

Arjit Singh, Co-founder and marketing head of Flyzy, completed his engineering in 2020 and made a complete shift to marketing and branding. “Before Flyzy, I have worked in the marketing team of different companies in different industries, starting from Byjus to Flynote, a travel itinerary startup and then I worked with Unacadamy till early 2020.”

Flyzy is a single platform which allows you to travel without hustle and anxiety like flight missing and late checkin. It allows you to skip every waiting queue you face while air travel and makes your journey seamless. Making use of Artificial Intelligence, Flyzy aims to revolutionize the travel module to be free of hurdles for any passenger and aims to optimize the travel sector. Launched amid the inception of the pandemic, the Flyzy app’s adaptation comes as a touchless transaction towards a technology fueled product among all strata of passengers, be it the first timer or the frequent flyers.

“Due to its adaptive nature, Flyzy is a personalised travel companion which plans your trip according to your preferences and helps all the stakeholders to arrange things in a passenger friendly manner,” says Singh.  What makes the app unique is that it brings together every stakeholder like airport, airlines, private vendors and administration at a single platform which allows quick response and credible services.

Flyzy has been recognised by Startup India & Ministry of Education and has been the finalist at startup India COVID-19 Challenge. Apart from this recognition the app has also received an overwhelmingly positive response from the users, with 1000+ pre-launch subscribers for the app and 15000+ users within the first month of the launch. So far Flyzy is backed by four angel investors from the travel industry and has well known travel experts on its advisory board.

Unlike other travel sites, Flyzy provides in detail information from boarding time/gate to baggage belt, it is a one click solution for air travelers across the globe. Having a plethora of benefits, the travel tech app assists the passengers to sync with retailers, service providers, and all stakeholders facilitating their travel with the click of their fingertips. Flyzy intends to provide contactless feasibility of pre-booking meals, suitable lounge types, cabs, all at heavy discounts while avoiding various hassles that otherwise tend to accompany these services during their air travel.

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Flyzy mobile app has collaborated with India’s largest and fastest-growing Travel Food & Retail Company, to provide a host of contactless, customer-friendly and comfort-oriented services.  This collaboration is aimed to assist passengers to sync with 250+ retailers, service providers, and all stakeholders under the umbrella covering more than 75% of the whole travel retail market, to facilitate their contactless air travel as per their discretionary desire. Under the Digiyatra initiative, Flyzy aims to scale to all domestic airports and get every single Indian airport of India on a single platform by the end of this year. Flyzy is planning to start initial operations of the drive module by May 2021 which will be the game-changing solution in the road retail sector and Indian logistics.

Currently passengers flying in and out of the six airports namely, Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai are at an added advantage to avail a host of customer-friendly and comfort-oriented services offered by Flyzy app. By the end of the second quarter of 2021, it is planning to expand to all 100 + airports of India by joining hands with Airport Authority of India (AAI) and Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA).

In his limited free time, Singh likes to research and read about brands and creative marketing tactics used globally or books on human psychology. “Self-motivation is the key to sustain oneself over time and I always try to do better than yesterday and when I succeed it makes me motivated to do even better tomorrow. Looking ahead, I hope that Flyzy will build a whole network of 120 airports of Indian and empower our travel industry. We will be expanding to different parts of the travel industry for which we are working hard,” he concludes.


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