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Hangover tips and recipes for the ‘After Party’

Hangover tips and recipes for the ‘After Party’

Hangover tips and recipes for the ‘After Party’ - Hashtag Magazine

Partying seems inevitable to some people and delightful to many more with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner. Check out some of the greatest hangover remedies and recipes to make the celebration and occasion unforgettable and avoid having regrets about ‘The Next Day.’


It’s a tough one, but keeping food down in your stomach after drinking is the hardest aspect of the hangover. We now offer The Detox cubes as a supplement, if not a replacement, to help you rid yourself of the worst aspect of partying.

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Simply enjoy swirling them in your mouth or dump them in your hangover drinks to get the best of both.

  1. Lemon-based: Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and mix grated ginger, honey, salt to taste, cucumber, mint leaves and orange pulp with the lemon juice and freeze the mixture in an ice tray.
  2. Coconut-based: In the recipe above, replace water with coconut water and repeat the same steps to get coconut water-based detox cubes.
  3. Watermelon-based: In the watermelon juice, add half a lemon, salt, orange and mint leaves and leave it to freeze in an ice tray.


Avocados, bananas and berries are the go-to foods for replacing all the lost minerals in your body due to your big drinking adventure the previous night. The most fun and effortless way to consume them without upsetting your stomach is to take them in as smoothies. Who doesn’t love smoothies?

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Get yourself a glass of milk for bananas and water for the other ingredients. Blend them with honey and with other contents like ginger, lemon and mint for the water-based recipe. Cool it and your hangover cure is ready within minutes.

In addition to being relaxing, this helps your liver detox after the exhausting drinking spree the night before.



  1. Oatmeal or Porridge:
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The best hangover remedy you can eat is oatmeal, a carbohydrate-rich cereal that is also easy on the stomach. Release your body from the droop and exhaustion of the hangover by allowing glucose to enter your bloodstream steadily.

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  1. Wholegrain Toast with honey:
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Abundant with sodium, potassium, and fructose and also easy to digest, toast splattered or dipped in honey is the go-to food for the hungover vegetarians out there.


  1. Chicken Noodle Soup:
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A healthy food that effectively functions as both lethargic and repulsive and is good for flu and cold is chicken noodle soup & chicken broth. While replenishing the body’s hydration, the soup or broth also soothes the after-effects of a ravishing party.

  1. Salmon:
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Protein and Vitamin B-replenishing salmon dishes are the next in line for one of the best hangover food recipes. This also helps sooth inflammation that might have been caused due to the adventure the previous night.

Hangover Tips:

  1. Always keep your body hydrated. Drink water or other fluids like coconut water etc.
  2. Stay away from caffeine.
  3. Eat bananas if anything else remains non-consumable.
  4. Take rest.
  5. Eat at regular intervals.


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