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How to create an outdoor meditation space?

How to create an outdoor meditation space?

How to create an outdoor meditation space - Hashtag Magazine

Studies have shown that practising meditation will help us to reduce stress levels which are caused by a variety of factors. Meditation helps you to focus on steady breathing and increase self-awareness. You can meditate anytime and anywhere, if you move your meditation to the outdoors and get more sunlight, connecting with the five elements of nature, it will bring you more benefits for your health. Here are some useful tips which can be used for creating an outdoor meditation space.

A meditation space should be comfortable. It is important to keep your environment in mind and optimize your plan so it can be as comfortable as possible. A supportive meditation space should have natural light and airflow. You can always set up a wood yoga platform which helps you to avoid moisture or soft surface. Wood yoga platforms are a simple and sustainable place to have a clean space for your daily meditation practice.

Surround yourself with greenery. You can create a meditation space by placing plants around you which can promote serenity and add beautiful smells. If you already have plants outside, make sure you set up a small collection of plants that bring you joy. Plants like Aloe Vera and Spider Plant have innumerable benefits and they purify the air around you and protect the space from getting negative vibes.

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An outdoor meditation space should have a relaxing and distraction-free environment that allows you to be in the moment and lets you focus on your breathing. Reduce outdoor noises with sounds that are soothing like wind chimes, and rain chains. You can also slip your headphones over your ears and listen to a calming sound during your focus time.

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Introduce the five elements into your meditation space. Five elements have a huge effect on our minds and soul. You may not be able to fit all these elements in your space. So, you can install a soft glow with string lights and if there is room for a fountain, you can always be creative with the fountains and meditate near them. You can also place a water bowl made of recycled and UV-resistant materials.

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To get high benefits from your meditation space, you can build an altar. It can be a simple large and flat altar, or you can display sacred objects, place crystals, and burn incense. Meditating with an altar will help you to feel more connected to the higher self and you will start getting a feeling of surrendering yourself, getting towards enlightenment, mindfulness, and compassion.

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Decorating your meditation area is recommended to avoid distractions. You can decorate your space with bells, meditation beads, statues, crystals, affirmation stones, and artwork that will not let you distract from the outside world.

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It is hard to meditate when your neighbours are staring at you. Our minds will keep wandering and wondering whether they are looking at us or not. So, privacy is particularly important in your meditation space. You can set up fencing, hedges, and trees which block the view from others. Apart from this, you can also use curtains, a folding screen, and a patio umbrella.

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You can also install lanterns and candles which are a universal symbol of brightness, and guiding lights. By including lamps, candles, and lanterns in your meditation space you can get that inspiring light and inner strength that guides the soul through dark times.

Conclusion: These are some of the beautiful things you can do to set up your outdoor meditation space. Our daily lives are filled with stress and meditation is the best way to reduce that tension and you can commit yourself to healing your mind, body, and soul.


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