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Update Your Summer Lookbook

Update Your Summer Lookbook

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It’s that time of year again, when you need to update your wardrobe with bright and subdued tones while storing your heavy winter garments. Summertime calls for a wide range of fashion statements that never go out of style, and new summer trends arise on a regular basis. For all summer lovers, the best season is finally here, and you’ll need lightweight bra tops, thick knitwear, and airy skirts in your wardrobe. There are a myriad of growing trends from across the world that are reworking old and new patterns thanks to social media and fashion influencers. Bidisha Barik takes note of various fashion remarks made by industry bloggers in order to predict summer trends.

Chasham Kaur – Chandigarh

Chasham, a Chandigarh-based fashion blogger, is revolutionising fashion with a plash of colour. She sees three big trends emerging, the first of which is the creative cutout, which have spread from dresses to tops and bodysuits. “Aside from the sex appeal, they’re interesting and unexpected this season,” Chasham says with a sense of surprise. The highlighter colours ‘lime green and hot pink’ are taking over every designer’s collection. “It’s taken over the runway shows, whether it’s colour blocking in highlighter colours or head to toe monochrome power dressing,” Chasham says. The next item on Chasham’s list is the mini skirt suit, which she describes as “the mini-trend about to take the stage but in the shape of suiting.”

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion? And what can one do at home to support the movement?

Sustainable fashion is a paradigm shift from the fast fashion industry. It is promoting a way of living which can reduce our contribution to polluting the world. People today are making a conscious decision to eat healthier and put fewer chemicals in their bodies, so they are also shifting their clothing decisions to create a cleaner environment.

Coming to circular fashion; upcycling, thrifting, or wearing an outfit in multiple ways can be a small step towards sustainability. Restitching old clothes like taking your mom’s old saree and creating a beautiful on-trend ensemble is something we all can do to support this moment right at your own home.

 What do you think is a big no-no in fashion?

I honestly think that there is no such thing as a big faux pas in fashion as it’s constantly evolving, and experimentation is at its peak right now. Denim on denim or wearing one color head to toe was always considered a major faux pas in fashion before and now we are seeing these trends ruling the SS22 runway, but wearing crocs with a perfectly well fitted and tailored outfit is just something I can never wrap my head around.

What’s your fashion forecast for Summer 2022?

1. Bold and bright colours are here to stay so experiment with eclectic colours and unique prints.

2. Platform heels: Although there will always be a strong lean towards sensible sandals, varying degrees of high heel platforms can be considered for work, for partying or just a brunch with girlfriends.

3. Y2k fashion: There is no escaping this trend, even in 2022. Exposed midriffs, low slung trousers/jeans, chunky boots, plastic jewellery and micro-mini skirts will be big this summer.

Any fashion trend you think we should leave behind?

Low rise denims were all the rage back in the 2000s and although they are back in trend in 2022, I just don’t find them comfortable or flattering. Of course, your style is completely your own and one should feel free to wear anything and everything one feels comfortable and confident in. These are my personal choices.

Top Three Must-haves in the wardrobe this season?

1. A structured, pop of colour blazer

2. Crisp white shirt

3. Tailored trousers

Preeti SarkarKolkata

Preeti is a Kolkata-based fashion blogger who is passionate about fashion and lifestyle. Bright coordinates, statement trouser suits, sustainable fashion, and ‘leveraging the local’ are, according to her, are the primary trends for Summer ‘22. Fashion styles are ever-changing in the globe. With many ideas on how to create fashion styles to styling to your originality, the market continues to revolve around pop and statement trends.

1. What are your thoughts about sustainable fashion? What can one do at home to support the movement?

It’s a very basic concept of using whatever resources we have and keeping the rest for the future. Each of us can contribute it in a certain way if we really want to. For me, it’s all about discovering repurposing and recycling any which way you are promoting sustainability. It can be your bed sheet turned into an apron; as simple as that.

2. What do you think is a big No-No in fashion?

Following everything on-trend without knowing your personal aesthetic. In that way, one loses her/his identity.

3. What’s your Fashion Forecast for Summer 2022?

  1. Summer trench and jackets are going to be in this year
  2.  Acid brights and cosy basics
  3. Business casual

5. Any fashion trend you think we should leave behind?

 Each fashion trend has its reason to be a trend. I don’t think of any trend that we should leave behind.

 6.  Must-haves in the wardrobe this summer?

  1.  Bright colours which you can colour block
  2. Mini skirts
  3.  Oversized tshirts

Srishti AnchalChandigarh

Srishti Anchal’s fashion styles are characterised by subtlety, a hint of glam, and retro vibes. She has a talent for cosmetics and skincare in addition to fashion. According to her, this season’s trends will include oversized shirts, cutout dresses, colourful slacks, and tiny skirts. “They will all keep their volume in 2022,” Srishti says.

1. What are your thoughts about sustainable fashion? What can one do at home to support the movement?

It’s essential that we work towards a fashion industry that is working in a sustainable way as the fashion industry is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. We can always support sustainable fashion by shopping secondhand and vintage, investing in sustainable fashion brands, and try renting whenever possible.

2. What do you think is a big No-No in fashion?

Bralettes over shirts is a big no-no for me! It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

3. what’s your Fashion Forecast for Summer 2022?

Shopping smart and small is becoming a big trend and will grow with the coming time.

Other than that, 90’s fashion trends are definitely making a big comeback this summer!

4)     What are your favourite fashion trends in the fashion industry?

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Co-ords and Indo-western fashion has to be my top most favourite fashion trends! They both are hassle free trends which doesn’t need much of styling.

5. Any fashion trend you think we should leave behind?

The trend of cold shoulders is something that we can now leave behind!

 6.  Must-haves in the wardrobe this summer?

According to me, a floral maxi dress, a bright co-ord set and a fringe dress are must-haves this summer!

Riddhi Kiran KhoslaMumbai

Riddhi Kiran Khosla, a fashion blogger and stylist from Mumbai who now lives in the United Kingdom, discusses the latest miniskirt and dress trends. “I think minis are back in full force. They look so stylish on any body shape,” she adds. It seems like pop colour is taking over the summer ’22 trends, as Riddhi points out that “hot pink, neon green, and vivid orange have significantly boosted the summer atmosphere.”

1)     What are your thoughts about sustainable fashion? What can one do at home to support the movement?

For me, sustainable fashion begins from buying one statement piece that will last longer in my wardrobe and will never go out of style and can be paired in a thousand different ways. Second tip would be to recycle if not in use. Brands like H&M and Mango have started a recycling movement and I have been supporting it by donating my clothes for recycling and also getting brownie points for shopping next time. I would also recommend that one pass on their fashion pieces to the next sibling in the family.

2)     What do you think is a big No-No in fashion?

As stylist, for me a big no-no is wearing silver jewellery with gold details on your handbag and shoes. That’s a disaster. Another thing that I absolutely avoid is glitter outfits with glittery make up; they can be a nightmare in fashion.

3)     What’s your Fashion Forecast for Summer 2022?

According to me, pop colours, print on print, a silk scarf, strappy heels, loose and balloon sleeves, flowy sorbet colour silhouettes, and mini skirts are the trends of the season.

4)     What are your favourite fashion trends in the fashion industry?

My all-time favourite is power dressing. I embrace all women in strong formal wear with bold chunk blazers and sharp looking shirts. Another trend that has been followed from history is the little black dress. It’s like if there is nothing, there is always a black dress. I love the ‘no make-up make-up look’ trend since I’m a fan of less make-up myself. And another favourite trend of mine is prints; any kind of print works for me.

5)     Any fashion trend you think we should leave behind?

  I think it’s the world of high waist jeans so we should leave behind low waist cut jeans. Another trend that I practically don’t understand is ripped jeans and jackets. They look very unpleasing to me. The last trend that I don’t really like are the heelless heels. It can lead to some major feet health issues.

6)     Must-haves in the wardrobe this summer?

A mini skirt definitely, a sorbet colour top or dress just in case for you summer trip, a nice pair of vibrant orange flats or heels, oversized sunglasses for the extra drama and obviously, a clean white cotton shirt if you haven’t bought it.


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