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Benefits of Lipton Green Tea

Benefits of Lipton Green Tea

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Lipton Green Tea.

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Green tea originated from the Camellia sinensis leaves go through rigorous processes like oxidation and withering. There are several kinds of green tea, which range depending on the kind of Camellia sinensis utilised, growth circumstances, horticultural practises, manufacturing processes, and harvest timing.

One of the traditional and most trusted brands is Lipton. The health benefits of Lipton’s green tea are extensive and widespread. Lipton’s honey lemon green tea benefits the skin and is known for its fine outcomes for weight loss. Hashtag Magazine gives you a low down about all the benefits that Lipton’s green tea has to offer you. 


Green tea is the ideal tea to accompany an energetic, balanced living. For starters, it’s high in flavonoids. Tea, particularly green tea, has 0 calories if sipped without milk, and any other sweetener. This could assist you to accomplish your objectives by leaving you refreshed and prepared for the day. Also, Lipton’s green tea benefits for the skin are numerous. Clean, clear and radiant skin is always a dream and it is attainable with the incorporation of green tea into your regimen. As a result, calorie-free green tea can aid in calorie restriction, particularly when taken in lieu of sugary drinks, rendering it the perfect complement to a healthier life!

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Now that Lipton’s green tea has excited you to incorporate it into your daily routine, here are a few benefits to delve deeper into its benefits. 

  1. Weight loss: For weight loss, Lipton’s green tea benefits in innumerable forms. Lipton Green Tea includes catechin, known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, which aids in the breakdown of calories, especially fats, weight reduction, and insulin resistance. It also includes organic relaxants, which aid in the improvement of your metabolic activity. Consumption of 2-3 glasses of this drink daily can help lose weight quickly. 
  2. Urges mental calmness: Lipton Green Tea de-stresses you and promotes tranquillity all through the system by combating the effects of free radicals from the body. It is also found to help with sleeplessness and facilitate quality sleep.
  3. Green tea helps in body hydration: The human body consists of 60% water and requires approximately 2 litres of water every day to function properly. Water improves blood circulation by optimising its functions, regulating its temperature, and flushing out toxins. Green tea contains 99.5 percent water and is a delightful way to stay hydrated.
  4. Generates optimal brain functioning: Green tea could assist improving cerebral functioning in addition to keeping you active. Caffeine, a well-known stimulator, is the main active component. Caffeine has been demonstrated in several studies to increase different areas of cognitive ability, including moods, alertness, response time, and memorization. Caffeine is however not the only neurologically boosting ingredient found in green tea. Lipton Green Tea’s pure and light benefits also encompass the amino acid L-theanine, that can pass the blood-brain hindrance.
  5. Alleviates cancer contraction: Cancers are triggered by unregulated cell proliferation. This is one of the major causes of death around the globe. According to varied studies, oxidative harm may cause long term inflammation that can cause chronic illnesses such as cancer. Antioxidants may aid in the prevention of oxidative stress. Green tea contains a high concentration of antioxidants, hence reducing the risk of cancers. 


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Green tea may be consumed at any hour of the day, but keep in mind that it contains caffeine, so limit your intake and swap to a caffeine-free drink a few hours ahead of going to bed to guarantee a decent night’s sleep. Be it during the early hours of the day or during a relaxing evening, green tea is a revitalizing drink to keep you healthy and active!

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Lipton Green Tea’s benefits extend to becoming a weight reduction drink that is beneficial, healthful, and inexpensive. Just like its benefits, green tea has side effects that are mainly a concern for only pregnant women. Otherwise, if you don’t like the aroma of unflavoured green tea, Lipton’s honey lemon green tea also has similar benefits. Consider this well-known name which has remained in the industry for decades. 



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