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2022 July Products

2022 July Products

2022 July Products Hashtag Magazine -

What’s in your shopping cart this month? Hashtag gives you a few of the latest
launches and picks…

Bella Vita Organic Kumkumadi Face Oil 
Price: Rs 599


A new age brand committed to providing handcrafted and natural skincare solutions Bella Vita Organic launches Organic Kumkumadi Face Oil, the perfect solution for lifeless and dull skin. Its main ingredient saffron is infused with vitamin C and antioxidants that leaves your skin soft and nourished. Sandalwood calms
the skin while turmeric stimulates the circulation reducing dark sports. With a mild fragrance, it hydrates and moisturises the skin deeply. A must have if you’re struggling with dry skin issues.

Greendigo Organic Baby suits:
Price Rs 815

image 184 -

Following mindful lifestyles and principles, sisters Meghna and Barkha launched a
baby clothing and nursery essentials brand, Greendigo. Made from ethical and
environment safe ingredients, the collection is stylish and comfortable. Their cotton
onesies for kids are extremely soft and comfortable for your little one. Available in
simple prints they are diaper friendly and have a snap button opening.

Manetain Oh Co Cool Co-wash:
Price: Rs 1099

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Manetain is born out of two women’s personal struggle in finding the perfect hair
care products for textured hair. What started as a passion project led to them
building a one stop shop for everything hair care. Manetain currently has
formulated two paraben free products i.e., the co-wash and conditioner. The Neem
and Peppermint co-wash is a great cleanser for your scalp and works on all hair
types. Packed with ingredients like argon, jojoba, grape seed, hibiscus, and vitamin E
it can be doubled up as a leave in conditioner too.

Ozone Signature Floral Face Mist
Rs 450

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Packed with aloe vera juice, rose water and geranium essential oil, the floral face
mist by Ozone Signature is amazing for hydration and controlling dull and tired skin.
A potent antioxidant it reduces environmental damage and prevents issues like
wrinkles, enlarged pores and premature ageing due to photo damage. Very mild and refreshing, it cools the skin almost immediately and work as a dermal immunity

Stress Relief by The Tea Heaven
Rs 350

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Made out of 100% real ingredients, The Tea Heaven offers hand-selected herbal
blends that are made from only authentic ingredients and are combined to increase
immunity. The company, which offers a huge selection of teas and chai, is rooted in a history that goes back 70 years. Stress Relief, one of their top sellers, is a relaxing
beverage to reduce daily stress. This unique concoction, which is loaded with
muscle relaxants, calms your body, and lifts your spirits at the same time. The
soothing taste and energising qualities aid in a restful night’s sleep. Before going to
bed, drink a cup of this freshly prepared tea for a restful sleep. This soothing tea not
only helps in easing your stomach, but it also aids in digestion, relieving gas and

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