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2023 June Products

2023 June Products

2022 July Products Hashtag Magazine -

What’s in your shopping cart this month? Hashtag gives you a few of the latest
launches and picks…

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UBON Speaker Sp-6800 v5.3 wireless speaker
Price: 1999

image 38 -

A powerful newcomer, the UBON MAJOR delivers greater clarity
whether you use it as home audio, or as a TV speaker. Dynamic
loudness adjusts the tonal balance of this Bluetooth speaker, providing
you with the very best from-home audio. With a pen drive, Tf card and
AUX support, this speaker offers 4 hours of playing time. The speaker is
also equipped with a belt, which lets you carry the speaker around
conveniently. With an impressively powerful and dynamic range, this
wireless speaker is sure to make its thumping presence felt at your party
and gatherings. Great for gifting and easy use, it’s time to bring the party
animal in you.

Braun Series 3 310s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver for Men
Price: 4475

image 39 -

Braun shaver is designed with 3 flexible blades that move with every
facial contour for maximum skin contact and efficiency in one stroke. The
specialised cutting elements are pressure sensitive and protected by a
patented metal mesh for a clean and close shave with outstanding skin
comfort. All Series 3 shavers are designed and engineered in Germany
for ultimate precision and attention to detail. This shaver can be used on
both wet and dry skin and is highly gentle on the skin. This shaver
requires a full charge of 1 hour for 30 minutes of shaving time.

Rice water shampoo and soymilk conditioner by Deyga
Price: 220

image 40 -

Deyga derived from the Tamil word Deygay; which means body, was
founded to bring pure, all-natural, and handcrafted products accessible
to anyone looking to make a conscious choice. This Rice Water
Shampoo and Soy Milk Conditioner is the perfect rescue for your hair,
especially for frizziness and dryness! While the sulphate-free, everyday
hair cleanser with protein-rich rice water makes your hair soft and
healthy, the Soy Milk Conditioner tames rough, unruly hair and keeps
split ends at bay!

Tikitoro Nourishing Body Wash
Price: 517

image 41 -

Tikitoro is specially formulated for children (4-10 years) and teenagers
(11 to 16 years). The brand offers products subjected to highly stringent
‘parent tests’ and are certified toxic and allergy free. The wash has
ingredients like moringa, Indian pennywort, Indian gooseberry, white
turmeric, kokum butter and others, which helps keep the skin moist and
are perfect for the young ones.

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Shoonyaakar Bhumija hair
Price: 699

image 42 -

Bhumija hair oil is a 100% natural ayurvedic hair oil, comprising 30
natural herbs and cold-pressed oils. The infusion of ayurvedic herbs
works wonderfully on stimulating hair growth and regulating hair fall and
dandruff. This natural oil deeply conditions the scalp and reduces
dryness and breakage. Formulated through traditional ways, this
chemical-free hair oil is completely safe to use. Ideally, use this oil twice
or thrice a week to enhance your hair quality by making it stronger and

Jivraj9 Premium Tea
Price: 730

image 43 -

Give your taste buds the royal treatment and strengthen your immunity
with Jivraj9 Premium Tea’s relaxing aroma. The rich flavoursome tea is
made from premium tea leaves hand-picked from Assam’s Tea Gardens.
Jivraj9 Masala Tea Premix is ideal for those who are always on the go.
The sachet is a blend of exotic tea and is available in flavours like
cardamom, ginger, lemon grass and masala.

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