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A dive into the best sports betting apps in India?

A dive into the best sports betting apps in India?

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Gambling isn’t new to the Indian landscape it has been mentioned widely in historic epics like The Mahabharata and The Ramayana, trickling down generations the dice and card games are also stated in the scriptures of the Mughal Empire.

In the 21st century, with the advent of technology and the rise in internet usage, the ways of gambling have evolved. One such way of gambling is Online Sports Betting Apps. With sports like cricket, football, and basketball gaining huge popularity, several sports betting apps came into existence. These apps provide users with a platform to place bets on a variety of events and sports. The IPL and The Premier Football League are a few popular events that receive huge interest from the bettors.   Using celebrities, and cricketers as ambassadors, these apps entice viewers to download and start placing bets. Promising huge rewards, winnings, and exciting gifts these apps appeal to a wide audience who are eager to make money. K. Hari Krishna lists the famous sports betting apps below.

A detailed look into Top betting apps in India:

1XBET:  The app was developed in Russia, and provides a variety of sports and events for users to place bets on. The app also provides live betting where users can change their predictions midway. The app interface is easy to understand and use. The app supports net banking, UPI, wallets, and cards and the winnings can be withdrawn to desired bank account. There are about 4 lakh users of the app in India.

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The app was launched in 2012, the app offers 30+ plus sporting events to place bets on and supports 44 languages including several languages spoken in India. The app provides joining bonuses, and rewards and facilitates payments from Visa, MasterCard, and UPI. The App also provides a customer support system which helps solve issues faced by the users.

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Parimatch is an international sports betting app established in 1994 in Europe. The app allows users to bet on virtual sports in addition to several tournaments in sports like cricket, football, and horse racing. The app provides live and pre-match betting features. The app is available across the google play store and Appstore and has 1 million active users, it is simple to create a profile and start playing. Parimatch supports payments from UPI, cards and wallets making transactions and withdraws easy.

Fantasy sports apps: How are they different from betting apps?

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While watching The IPL, it is impossible to miss the advertisements of cricketers promoting Fantasy sports apps. These fantasy apps have gained huge popularity among the fans of the sport. Dream 11, a fantasy sports app being one of the title sponsors of the tournament proves its demand. The app has over 140 million users.

Dream11 provides a fixed virtual purse to all its users, each cricketer has a price tag, and the better the player, the greater the price tag. The users have to predict and pick an 11-player team for the match, who they believe are most likely to perform well. The prize pool is distributed to those participants whose predicted teams perform the best. The participant’s rewards depend on the accuracy of predictions and wagers placed. The app and users argue that fantasy sports are a game and a skill which requires insight into the sport and players. The analysis and knowledge of the user greatly influence the probability of success.

My11 Circle and Mobile Premier League are a few similar fantasy sports apps, which provide users a platform to draft their fantasy sports team and place bets. These apps support UPI, cards and wallet transactions. The fantasy sports industry is gaining huge attraction and popularity and is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

The Article in no way or form promotes the mentioned apps nor encourages the readers to participate in gambling activities. The article is devised purely for informational purposes only. The readers are advised to perform thorough research before using such betting apps.


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