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Beat Diabetes

Beat Diabetes

Beat Diabetes

Lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, PCOS are more commonplace than ever before. Lifestyle conditions like cholesterol imbalances, hypertension, fatty liver are other issues that commonly plague people. What if these could be controlled and then reversed? Well, this is not mere fantasy but a reality. Bindu Gopal Rao discovers how LiveAltlife, a Bengaluru based provider of holistic solutions enables people to reverse their diabetes and other lifestyle conditions. 

The Specifics

Vivek Subramanyam CEO AND Co founder LiveAltLife -

Started by Vivek Subramanyam, CEO and co-founder, LiveAltlife helps people fight and overcome their condition through a one-stop solution that includes therapeutic food delivery, curated fitness routines, mindful stress management, predictive medical diagnostics and expert consultations powered by a smart high-tech ecosystem. LiveAltlife’s has a Health Restore 90 program that focuses on holistic wellness over a 90-day period. 

Research and Development

“We realized that medicines and other interventions are primarily focused on managing the symptoms. Hence, it would never lead to actual improvement. We understood the root causes to be imbalanced metabolism, unhealthy cells that are not functioning to their potential, and weakening of the body’s immunity and other defense mechanisms,” explains Subramanyam. Based on their hypothesis, they did a pilot study with around 15 people and saw extraordinary outcomes, with diabetics not showing underlying signs at the end of the program and who have been able to lose weight and stop medication. 

Holistic Solutions

LiveAltlife’s unique triangular approach to health is built around the three pillars of food and nutrition, mind and body fitness and smart diagnostics and advisory. They have a 90 days flagship program that takes care of all solution vectors. They are currently focused on Type 2 Diabetes, Excess Weight, an PCOS and will very soon be launching solutions for Hypertension, Cardiovascular Risk and Fatty Liver. Their multi-vector solutions have benefitted more than 150 clients, and they witnessed a significant positive change in their health parameters. “One of our clients reduced his HbA1c by 50% and fasting blood sugar by 65%, and he is off medicines completely. Another client lost around 17 kgs in 3 months and all this safely, naturally, and conveniently,” says Subramanyam.

Food Tales

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Food and nutrition are a key component of the program. This is where science meets art. While the goal is to drive 100+ rules that lead to precision nutrition that helps the core of our body become healthier, the outcome ensures variety, taste and a delightful culinary experience. “We ensure the right macronutrient and micronutrient availability driven by our NutriSmart AI. In addition, we ensure we use only the best of nature’s ingredients and we avoid usage of any processed food. We only use chemical free, organic produce sourced directly from the farmers. Our condiments and masalas are prepared in-house. We avoid pro-inflammatory PUFAs. We primarily use free-range and natural-fed poultry. Seafood is sourced from the deep-sea range – lower in the food chain,” says Subramanyam.

Pricing: The 90 days program costs around Rs. 1.65 lakhs but right now they have launch offers and the pricing is close to Rs. 1.50 lakhs. 

Address: LiveAltlife


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