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Best dating apps to find love online

Best dating apps to find love online

Best dating apps to find love online - Hashtag Magazine

Dating in India has long undergone a transition from bunking the classes and passing chits to the digital space with chats and late-night calls. Thus began the rise of dating apps, from the much-popularized Tinder to the home-grown Quack-Quack, join P. Manisha in the journey to explore the best dating app and find a companion; platonic or romantic.

  1. Tinder:
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Tinder is like the textbook app of dating apps. From a casual fling to a serious match, there is something for everyone on this app. Owing to its large user base, one can start their dating journey with tinder to explore the right one.

They are the pioneers of the swipe culture of the dating apps of today. Swipe right to show interest and swipe left to close off the possibility of dating, it’s a match if both parties show interest.


  • The large user base of the app.
  • A multitude of relationship types: from hook-ups to serious commitments can be found through the app.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface.
  1. Bumble:
bwXPurhBG2M LvhqAbqpkw9iykGtXAQFP7MvXMr4r6vA0O52dzVsfyEiuvXVg2TcEjcbHLvU8X37lnPkOKYhhZVUnxVYX44Yz210OlKdJ2Gk7Hd 7OFmmI2BVrGTJW321eo Axygnr5ziEfmW5hTK3MC0DQBh yzAFXJ8j frWV2nDSJZGLMMWrFYtN2rlnq PwcYw -

A ‘Ladies first’ dating app where women make the first move. This app is the next favourite of all the visitors of Tinder, so the users move in the same circle with more commitment and intent. Hearty and youthful with a yellow interface, this app takes the pressure off the guys to make the first move and offers security to the girls to move forward with the person of their choice.


  • Ladies-First policy ensuring relative safety.
  • Video-calling feature, GIFs and voice messages.
  • Different modes: BFF, Dating, Bizz
  • 24-hour limit expiry of dead matches.
  1. Aisle:
IXFU uQXIIuYYzsCsnOzasjDz6VbDaxs0q8XPcn2WVuS2YiHSzkz5FTSAdsC0wiy0y Q AjYvHJi283doI4nikSDhMD3leGim4w9 -

The most popular and best dating app suitable for the desi folks. This app is a cross between traditional matrimonial sites that are extremely popular in India and dating sites equally popular in the west. This app also has stringent verification processes to ensure female safety and comfort.


  • Interface designed focused on nativity, which opens the opportunity for a more compatible and understandable partner.
  • Feature of Audio-invites.
  • The concierge feature allows users to pick from curated and handpicked profiles.
  1. Trulymadly:
V4O7uraqzgHbg6cLOSTjaExoCRitMLWp9nbGFOPc3beFn 0pp6yU BPniWF 0Y3s9s0pMNF7jjJIn2PosXwLMGBNA2nbLkfpQdTBJCPFP4 lLN6OZJflHJB Scb6n9TOQY9OmBxLOZ0Uw5yJ10UbMvBJQsFhR9 jA09ziTQMYSMXRi GcNfaGkBjvKCPXSFhBvBwQ -

This dating app is designed to bring Tinder to the cultural and social nuances of India. After thorough research of the demographic, this app has the best interface and security a dating app can provide. With a focus on compatibility over geographic location like that of other dating apps, Trulymadly is developed to give the best dating experience to its users.


  • Trust-based scores to verify its users.
  • Verification through social media profiles, phone numbers and even offline ID proof.
  • Compatibility quizzes.
  1. Happn:
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Truly a game changer in the online dating segment, Happn is for those who believe in star-crossed lovers crossing their paths in a magical Bollywood sense. This app is designed to find your love closer to home, i.e. you can find people within a 50-mile radius of your location and also those that have crossed your path on the streets.


  • Helps you avoid the awkwardness and anxiety of finding out if the person you are interested in your area is single or uninterested.
  • Finding profiles close to your residence.
  1. Hinge:
GTMkAMTIONu4QJsQlt3tA1OhlHf gLJwrnPhO0Rfnsq9t QRv T1gNl92v8rzd ew7 2Dcrbs EdInRDBlQ80acTJEPNkSPRH vWKKtRLEUw76HFhStX0U5jbiJ Q1fhWWFl4cObfRw v e8 MxZ uiyC7Dh Ij 7JD 6LHgqbzjnzRybfgi4AJ5oPcXmdSPUfyDkw -

A dating app that is for relationships that grow at their own pace. From casual hook-ups to progressing to emotionally charged dates, Hinge stays with you throughout the journey like the best wingman without the pressure of rushing in. With an advanced AI, this dating app makes your first move and your relationship a little easier and fun.


  • Profile prompts and conversation prompts.
  • A section with descriptions about religion, political views, stance on weed, and more to find the right partner.
  • “We Met” feature to update or share your opinions on a date which helps the app’s AI  curate your matches better.
  1. OkCupid:
onCYOxWsMMGuW 6nOdYeCZK45qOkjVavDIy dcHNqT4buV7RYt83c4BQapUwDwO4 HiU 8zIlkv5 Sq6z4AajGXjInx1FuyttPeFFeqoCPcpxH6W5xrlQEnVU 6eitY42ajjbpcJWC2uXB2mtxpohIk 6AVADVjsuyoyUMfp ueuoXI6A23Q3gvXTgMyw692h1IayA -

OkCupid is a dating app that is the most inclusive with 22 gender identities and 13 orientations to choose from. And with a focus on compatibility, on OkCupid find a date that shares the same political and other world views. The app also features questions about issues like monogamy and more, so that you are connected with like-minded people who do not judge you.


  • Strong AI that recommends the most compatible matches to the user.
  • 22 gender identities and 13 orientations help users identify themselves accurately.
  • With the paid version, users can also share their opinions on important issues, which can be chosen as deal-breakers on guns, women’s issues, vaccines and more.
  1. NUiT:
62INR8SbFf6QHypDpH9s D6gSQ5D8eW5V7PdQZXf2Sf1vhZ9qF4EUloxlI zkM3uiQn9Z Ntwn7fs29Klaze9ttQSqEmCuN6BlBqaekAxNTFxTlhdIKeZBFyDP5ucRnDQ6aGYv8JS8XRhis4szE5c4t59mb XL9e80Ws4nYSdkfvD6VwDe2qwJ8RIu lks gOjtuA -

The best dating app for those who believe in destiny and astrology. This app connects people based on their birth chart compatibility and would be best suitable to the Indian audience who are looking for a serious and long-term commitment and family has an important say. That is not to say that this app is outdated or orthodox it has the unique feature of inclusivity asking its LGBTQ+ users if they want to be seen by straight people or not.


  • Compatibility scores based on birth chart and astrological matches.
  • LGBTQ+ people can decide if they want to receive matches or be seen by hetero users.
  • An option to be clear on what each user is looking for in their matches, from friendship, and casual dating to marriage.
  1. heybaby:
VuTnKrjqz4lu8nCnFbFWRGv7wuvQpGiYJ7lADsXRN4DPtxI xSiAfFXF60C0d4gIPUeay6tleehD0AJcaSUnZIJ7A0CiCE EKusJ1TSvc0M4pQ3 0HaFndX d3WVo5aG 5JTlYVM2jNYv1N6Ufs 1SZBcp3gV0J4ehSipdPbdH2liCYjoRtR5trmmV3YsMVoEU29Yw -

A dating app for single parents out there, where kids are the priority without closing off their chances of a relationship. A family-priority dating app, heybaby has fun questions in getting to know someone as well as parenting questions like “What do you do when dirty clothes are strewn everywhere?” Owing to the nature of the app, this dating app has a more stringent verification and authentication process for its users.

WHY heybaby:

  • If you are a single parent looking for a partner, then this is the best app.
  • Evolved verification process.

Dating apps for those looking for a serious relationship or looking to settle down with the right one in life;

  1. Match:
vSsMpw3YhHf7JIzHtGgv2YpUW9NtSbjt2vZpph8NRO5RI5OraP g6xZ VAxwdC1oV3xrw61ZBVElk7Xd12hpAZhvKI53FPG dHfirEYnVLRMrpXFdyul d3sKqZiK2Rzu6qfEBiOAxQYtq7cXRl 6z6SjCHiqFB Wk5Fy3LjnPck6Yn3zZNntKcv YhwMkiYkGmbcA -

As one of the oldest dating sites, Match boasts a huge user base. A great algorithm that matches compatible profiles without the tedious questionnaire. A simple interface that gives you potential matches based on compatibility and deal-breakers is the icing on the cake of this dating app.

See Also
dating apps


  • Good for finding a serious commitment and relationship.
  • Huge user base.
  1. GoGaga:
nxl9tL7rxf fbPYT6WRQZWsfgHQNYVQjNKaZsH LouR5iwFraNgJnSjb3WBTHNbpkIudNq3Nnm4O9cuockku4qtOIwoet g6VirQaUtPp5Z5nXZsLH59MIl8wnrN0A7HheM9T1LB4zS93BldC3728NZ2na7HELLRAP IUyDDfILBfom3 itbrcaQ2jMAO9bEe08sKA -

Beginning with the idea that most dating partners are found through a common friend, this dating app helps users find friends of friends for dating. This app will not suggest matches until and unless you invite your friends to join. This app thus concentrates on serious commitment and delivers the same.


  • Friends of your friends are your matches ensuring greater security and comfort.
  • The social referral feature eliminates fake profiles.
  • AI-driven match-making system with over 10000 success stories to prove its worth.
  1. EHarmony:
XWuOnVWaXpYGD8hx31bsIIonALaD2uVZQMt8M PMok8hwuy0ePfjeFiRv8JhXlh3yhpz3xaghNtBjWZBofVSAlhHmeIzLzbcBAkLeqIirXl7IzQob9YJ1Fauk5jqRAmKkhnWWNM8rLJ9V599aafm6TqKxoOI 6Vyl0WTWVZlA4K29k0a7kVKAkrQKaarZOGCqo8 SQ -

This is the best dating app for people looking for a serious commitment and searching for it themselves, a perfect app for the singles in India this generation. Owing to the commitment-oriented philosophy, eHarmony certainly takes a backseat in the numbers but makes up for it in the extremely personalized experience and success stories. So if users are looking for the one to put a ring on, this app is the go-to dating app for them.


  • No confusion about commitment.
  • Personalised user experience focusing on compatibility with the long-term in mind.
  • Realistic and tangible questionnaire.

Best apps for the LGBTQ+ community

  1. Her:
HVloWeblPnMhSwyL0gXskShw grM7H9Fx w K1z9QR8rUTJil40fC3G2OAlQ17pWfL1YADdEypJ5PRWaoOFNO WUkmFh2P72m7dtg60hf ZFp8jekZtaHzLTfBFQ3s2XDe1ROZ Tpt8fId6uFRSw3P0DZ6TEFmhUoeyohejWZWIFV5pD4No32eFjw9lIOycPXPTJ8w -

Most dating apps still lack in the aspect of inclusivity and are stormed by unicorn hunters, this gave rise to this app by queers women and for queer women, HER. With many options related to user identification on gender, sexuality, pronouns, diet preferences and more, this app helps you find matches from almost a user base of over 4 million people, queer women can also find someone for themselves here.


  • For queer women and by queer women.
  • Eliminate the fear of the unicorn hunters.
  1. Grindr:
WhEBxc9NBzBhQK9HUUVpYliLTOMyZIF5SAt 5iQoKD8wu6gqiHgQJJmGtJpmCn5loGevB4ziC4eEuDbrQHhKy1j2ZQQPiomr1ZlVrCzBwLCyGadPjwfG5vLu8zHaA 8KpJAmiqrzELfXAWNzjLKaxUIWtm4y5cBDim EI46viql1kIfSgFZB l9MpVdd6lL o8Ezog -

Best suitable for gay and bisexual men, Grindr is the go-to app for dating. This app is as friendly for hook-ups as it is for serious relationships. For those who are tired of looking for a genuine connection on other dating apps, Grindr is the next best solution.


  • Good for gay and bisexual men looking for a relationship.
  • More suitable for a causal relationship to start.

Conclusion: These are some of the most well-liked dating apps, not just for those seeking long-term or committed relationships but for everyone, including those who are simply looking to make new friends or engage in casual dating.


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