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Book-Themed Cafes: A New Trend to Promote Reading Culture in India

Book-Themed Cafes: A New Trend to Promote Reading Culture in India

Book-Themed Cafes

Reading is a habit that enriches the mind and soul, but finding a quiet and comfortable place to read can be challenging in busy urban life. That’s why book-themed cafes are becoming popular destinations for bibliophiles. They offer a variety of books for customers to browse, burrow, or buy, along with a menu of delicious food and drinks that complement the reading experience. Dhanush Kumar writes down some of the best book-themed cafes in India that are places to enjoy reading and promote reading culture.

Literati, Goa

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Literati is a bookshop and cafe in a charming Portuguese-style bungalow in Calangute. It has a collection of over 15,000 books, ranging from classics to contemporary, fiction to non-fiction, and Indian to International. You can relax on the veranda or the garden with a book and coffee or enjoy pasta, sandwiches, and salad. Literati also organizes book clubs, literary festivals, and workshops for book enthusiasts.

Leaping Windows, Mumbai

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Leaping Windows is a comic book cafe and library in Andheri West. It has a basement library that houses over 5,000 graphic novels covering genres such as superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and romance. You can curl up on a cushion with a comic and a snack or sit on the terrace and enjoy the view. Leaping Windows hosts comic book launches, art exhibitions, and movie screenings.

Cha Bar, Delhi

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Cha Bar is a tea and book cafe inside the Oxford Bookstore in Connaught Place. It has a menu of over 150 tea varieties, from Darjeeling to Moroccan and from masala to herbal. You can pair your tea with a cake, muffin, sandwich, or salad or browse through the books in the bookstore. Cha Bar also hosts book launches, literary talks, and cultural performances.

Skypark Cafe, Hyderabad

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Skypark Cafe is a rooftop cafe that offers a global menu of delicious food and dishes under the open sky. It also has a collection of books you can read while enjoying the view of the city. Skypark Cafe hosts book clubs, literary festivals, and workshops for book enthusiasts.

Vumi Book Cafe and Guest House, Bagerhat

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Vumi Book Cafe and Guest House is a book cafe and guest house that provides a cosy and rustic atmosphere for book lovers. Its library has books on various topics, such as mythology, nature, history, and spirituality. You can read a book while sipping tea or coffee or indulge in a pancake or waffle. Vumi Book Cafe and Guest House also hosts events such as poetry readings, live music, and book swaps.


Book-themed cafes are a new trend in India that offers a cosy and stimulating environment for book lovers to enjoy reading, writing, and socializing. They also promote reading culture in India by encouraging people to explore new books, genres, and authors and engage in literary activities and events.


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