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Cafés for K-pop fans in India

Cafés for K-pop fans in India


The craze for Korean dramas and pop music has increased widely in India, with almost everyone being a fan of K-dramas and K-pop bands like BTS. India has always been a land of globalisation and cosmopolitan approach and the GenZ are upholding these values, traditions and culture with the acceptance and enthusiasm they are showing to the Hallyu music and dramas. P. Manisha lists a few popular K-pop-themed cafes for all the K-pop stans.

I Purple You café

A BTS-themed café in the alleys of Siliguri in West Bengal, I Purple You Café is an obvious choice for not only the ARMY’s of India but also for all K-pop fans. Reaching out to one of the founders of the café, they described the commendable origin of the café along with their cousin Ravi Chettri. Inaugurated on the 4th of July 2021, this café was begun seeing the influence and enthusiasm of BTS and K-pop among kids and teens.

The founders had always intended to open a cafe but were brainstorming for an out-of-the-box concept for their cafe because the neighbourhood already had other cafes. The idea of a BTS-themed cafe appealing to the country’s ARMYs struck them. The atmosphere of the cafe is incredible, with BTS songs playing, posters and paintings of the band on the walls, and the most popular feature for all ARMYs visiting the cafe, the selfie spot.

I Purple You, meaning I Love You in Korean is the catchphrase of BTS encompassed by the café owners to depict their love for K-pop and make it their brand identity. The café spreads tremendous joy among the ARMYs by providing them with an exclusive space to showcase their love for the band, groove to their songs, take pictures, make posts and reels, deliver messages on sticky notes, sing, dance, and spread positivity in the same way that their favourite band inspires them to follow the lead through their socially responsible and impactful songs.

Wish to be a part of the hustle and bustle of this café, get ready and head to Hill Cart Rd, Dagapur, Bara Gharia, West Bengal. You can become a part of the special events organized on the birthdays of the band members, or support them in socially conscious efforts and programs they conduct teaming with the ARMYs.

The food surely complements the ambience of the café serving Italian, Chinese and Korean dishes to suit the multinational and diverse palette of the K-pop fans visiting this gem of a café.

Check out their social media: i_purple_u_cafe.

Bang Tan Shefs

A cozy place in Mumbai, this café-restaurant personifies its idols even in its name. It is not hard to guess that Bang Tan Shefs has the same acronym as their idols, BTS. Established by Riya and her partner Vivek in the process of supporting her sister in her passion for BTS, these co-founders have realized the potential of their café-restaurant as a safe haven for all the ARMYs to let their passion out.

The success of the restaurant is clear from the dedication and affection they receive from the BTS ARMYs of Mumbai, where they call it a second home. The founders aspire to take this reverence to different parts of India like the K-pop high seizing the hearts of the Indians today.

And of course, though BTS may remain their first love, the café-restaurant also caters to the other stans of K-pop like Shinee, Twice, Hwasa, and Enhypen by playing their songs and celebrating their special moments.

Many K-pop-related events are frequently organized by both the ARMYs as well as the restaurant owners which you can check out on their Instagram page. Presently, they are gearing up for an event which is to be organized in May, so ARMYs pack your bags.

Do check out this restaurant if you are a BTS stan or simply a K-pop admirer. And don’t forget to try out their Korean cuisines, especially corn dogs, gimbap, and Ramen, which are the founder’s suggestions for a wholesome Hallyu experience.

Kalita café

A popular spot in Guwahati, the Kalita café is a revered destination for all K-pop fans. This is the first Korean-themed café in the Northeast, studded with enthusiastic K-pop decor and exotic Korean cuisine. The café caters to all idol fans but BTS fans have a special place in their hearts and the same adoration is upheld by the regulars of the café who are BTS stans.

Even the café’s menu is an ode to the K-pop industry with Big Bang’s feast, which has sausages, salami, onion, roasted garlic, olive oil, cheese, and Tae-tea for BTS fans. The ambience of the place is inducted through BTS cushions and walls of idol pictures, and K-pop songs.

If you are a novice to the K-pop world, worry not, for the café has something for everyone. Learn more about the Hallyu world sensations while munching on smoothies, juices, pizzas, sandwiches and more that the café offers.

Also, ARMYs do not forget to grab the BTS postcard they give out once you’ve had a meal here!

Bite that spoon

The name of the café itself indicates the bias of the cafe, BTS. It is a BTS-themed café in Kolkata serving delicious Korean cuisine. Situated in Santoshpur, the café has posters, pictures, frames, and the albums of the famous boy band, BTS.

Accompanying the awesome ambience is the rich Korean-style food giving an exceptional experience. Bite that spoon seamlessly integrates Indian and Korean cultures which are reflected in the dishes they offer like Korean ramen with veggies and mushrooms in a mildly spicy broth mixed and Indian spices, The Pork Bulgogi Cheese Steak Burger served with crisps, their signature drink Boy Meets Evil, a mixture of lemon, chilli flakes and sugar syrup, Choco lava cake and more.

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Give them a visit for a full-fledged BTS-themed food treat.


Together with chef Miyoung Choi, Goguryeo introduces authentic Korean food to the Nawabi city of Hyderabad. Innovation in cuisine as the key mission, Goguryeo merges Korean food with the most popular and well-known aspect of the Hallyu culture, the K-pop fever.

Kimbap, rice bowls, dumplings, ramyeon and Tteokboki make up the menu of this Korean restaurant while the visitors are welcomed with glossy posters of BTS and Blackpink on the walls of the restaurant. Though more dedicated to Korean culture and cuisine than the K-pop world, one cannot separate K-pop and Korea in the minds of the fans in India.

The restaurant has a dedicated wall to project pre-recorded concerts for K-pop fans and one can enjoy popular Korean tracks while having their Korean dishes. The restaurant is definitely worth a shot for those looking for a K-pop experience in India.

Map of Seoul

Any ARMY would realize the correlation of the café’s name with the BTS album. A one-of-a-kind café in the Pink City, Jaipur, experience Seoul city and K-pop fever with the café’s interiors inspired by BTS, K-dramas and South Korea’s capital city.

Coming to the cuisine, the restaurant offers yachae hotteok, dongji patjuk, tteokbokki, mandu, pat kalguksu, kimchi guk, and hobak jeon as popular dishes. Apart from the predominant Korean dishes, one can also find Italian, Mexican and Chinese options for those that desire a change in cuisine but not in the theme, a hard-core K-pop fan.

ARMYs would definitely have a field day, both with the food and with the ambience with a wall dedicated for them to take pictures. Satiate your hunger and enjoy the choice of music with this unique café.

These are a few popular Korean-themed restaurants, visit these places with fellow stans and have a fun time!


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