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Fool-proof list of curated gifts for Mother’s Day

Fool-proof list of curated gifts for Mother’s Day

Fool-proof list of curated gifts for Mother’s Day
Qudsiya Raiees.

Personalized Cutting Board
Available on:,,
Price: 1500-2000INR

Got a mom who’s known for her delicious cooking? A wooden cutting board is a kitchen essential and this wooden chopping board can be personalised with any name. Thick and heavy, this striped wooden chopping board offers a stable base for cutting vegetables and fruits.

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Back and Neck Massage Pillow With Heat
Available on: 
Price: 1000-2000INR

Sure, getting her a spa massage would be nice, but given the Covid scene you can still impress her with an Dr physios at-home neck and back massager. The massage pillow is lightweight and compact and it can be used anywhere. It’s the perfect gift for a mom who just needs to, uh, chill.

Back and Neck Massage Pillow With Heat -

Coffee Face Scrub
Available on: Nykaa
Price: 600-800INR

Mc Caffeine face scrubs are the most trending ones. 

With all organic ingredients like finely ground coffee, Manuka honey, and rose petals, just to name a few—it’s designed particularly to gently exfoliate, renew, and regenerate skin while also moisturizing.

Coffee Face Scrub -

Ready Set Prep Apron: Majority moms love cooking and feeding their kids, get her a personalised apron. You can even include a chefs hat if an apron alone feels too less. She’ll love to put it on every time she decides to make an appearance in the kitchen!

Available on: Amazon
Price: 200-500INR

Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden
Available on: Amazon
Price: 599INR

Does your mom love gardening? Does she wish she could do it all year round? Now, all thanks to you, she can cook with fresh herbs every day. An indoor herb garden comes with two different kinds of basil, parsley, dill, thyme, and mint. The best of all is that it tells her exactly when to add water. The mini succulent plants are not just lovely to look at, but they are also easy to take care of. They make for a perfect accessory to match any home’s decor with their concrete pot display. Take your gifting idea up a notch!

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Hydroponic Herb Garden -

Available on: Amazon 
Price: 3000-5000INR

 Ray Ban Sunglasses make an excellent gift since they are an affordable luxury item as compared to opting for designer handbags or shoes. Another reason why sunglasses are a great gifting option is that they can be used all year round and are relatively easy to choose. Sunglasses blend classic style with chic elegance, making them the perfect addition to any woman’s accessory collection. 

Sunglasses -

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Available on: Flipkart 
Price: 700-800INR

 Plastic water bottles are sooo 90’s. Show your mama that you’ve been listening to her go-green talks by gifting her this classy reusable water bottle.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle -

Saregama Carvaan
Available on: Amazon 
Price: 6900INR

Does your mummy also talk about how good the old cinema and its songs were? If yes then gift her this lovely radio, which has the best songs of the golden period. Whenever she will listen to it, she will remember you and the sweet memories related to those songs. This is one of the evergreen gifts. 

Saregama Carvaan -


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