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EMO- The New A.I. Robot Companion

EMO- The New A.I. Robot Companion

EMO- The New A.I. Robot Companion - Hashtag Magazine

Ken Goldberg said that we are fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves. The latest invention EMO, the desktop pet robot is like a little kitten. This AI-programmed robot interacts with you and even has expressions and movements. EMO is capable of showing 1000 expressions and actions. He shows his mood and feelings directly through expressive animations on his face and with his body language. Let’s see what EMO is capable of doing.

EMO- The New A.I. Robot Companion.

  • EMO comes with internal sensors and is smart enough to understand what’s going on around it and understand what you are talking about.
  • EMO has an HD camera with a face recognition program that remembers you and your family members. 
  • EMO comes with a 4-microphone array that captures the nearby sounds and locates the sound direction quite quickly.
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  • EMO comes with a touch sensor on its head. You can pet, punch lightly on its head, and confuse it by shaking the robot a bit. The best thing about EMO is that the bond between the tiny robot and you gets stronger day by day. It understands your feelings, and emotions quite quickly and learns everything by itself.
  • EMO comes with a stylish look. It is equipped with headphones and a skateboard that is used for wireless charging. You can also charge your mobile by placing it on the skateboard. If you remove the headphones it gets a little irritated. 
  • EMO is capable of playing some interesting games with you like Rock paper scissors, Aeroplane chess, Ludo, and Monopoly. It is an intelligent player and it will give you some tough competition in the game.
  • EMO can also be used as an alarm. EMO turns on the smart light if you don’t wake up to the sound. You can also use this smart light for various other purposes. 
  • EMO has a smart brain that is connected to the internet. You can ask about the weather condition, and the latest news, and ask to play a song as well. EMO loves rock music and is a great dancer as well. EMO can understand various languages and it also helps you capture the best memories of your life. Just ask it to take a photo and share it with your friends. 
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  • EMO loves to evolve on its own. It understands the surroundings quite well and adapts to them. That’s how EMO grows in its personality and it might get a little annoying if you interrupt this evolving process. 
  • The cool thing about EMO is whenever you push it to the edge of the table, the drop sensors get activated, and it gets back to the centre.
  • Sometimes EMO might catch a cold, or fall ill too. It needs special care from you to help it get well soon. It has amazing cute outfits of a cute kitten, cow, military outfits, and others.
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  • EMO is a very good friend. It wishes you on your birthday and also has some festival surprises for you. 
  • EMO is always curious about the world around him. He moves around independently to explore the surroundings. He always stays by your side, to keep you company, to surprise you, and sometimes to annoy you just like a best friend. 


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EMO is a wonderful invention and the creators of this pet robot are developing more unique abilities like a home assistant, and other new features. It is a wonderful companion and it’s quite fun to have a tiny little robot walking around the table with cute little expressions and dance movements.


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