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Organic Takes the Town: How a Delhi-based startup is rehashing the rules of organic shopping

Organic Takes the Town: How a Delhi-based startup is rehashing the rules of organic shopping

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A Delhi-based startup is delivering a delicious mix of organic and exotic products to your doorstep. With a promise to bring produce straight from the farms onto your plates, founders Keshav Jain and Nikitha Bhandari trace their vision and journey with Juveria Tabassum.

Detox coffee isn’t an oxymoron or a fancy hallucination anymore, thanks to entrepreneurs Keshav Jain and Nikitha Bhandari. Their startup, Fresh and Organic Delivery, offers a wide range of brands and groceries, with the drive to connect consumers directly with the farmers. Functional since September 2020, this startup also wishes to set itself apart by providing products from lesser known brands that offer authentic, organic goods. 

Keshav Jain and Nikhita Bhandari - founders of Fresh and Organic Delivery

For Delhiites Keshav and Nikitha, farm-fresh and organic are more than just buzzwords in this era. Health legitimately became wealth, thanks to the pandemic, and for those looking to safeguard their well-being by eating what’s said to be right, there is no dearth of websites online selling produce designed to supplement your health. A B.Tech graduate, Keshav was drawn towards the F&B industry, and he first set up a physical store in Delhi called Food and More. Realising that an online portal and door to door delivery was the more feasible option in these times, Keshav and Nikitha spent the lockdown ideating and experimenting with different ingredients and brands, and launched Fresh and Organic Delivery once the restrictions were lifted. “There are no stakeholders apart from the two of us right now, and we do not plan on going for funding over the next two years because we’re good on equity right now,” shares Keshav. 

Unlike other sites that home-deliver groceries, Fresh and Organic offers a wider range of lesser-known brands. “Sites bigger than ours, who have been around for a while, list brands that are already familiar in the market and available at every grocery store. We want to move past these brands and promote brands that provide organic products on a wider range, such as Home Blend or Country Beans, both of which have a wide variety of coffee,” says Keshav. 

Fresh and Organic Delivery product

In the works is an app that will allow people to book tables at cafes and pubs, or place an order for the recipe and have the ingredients provided via their grocery store. There are no plans for an offline store, and the entrepreneurs believe that consumers are happy as long as they have the convenience of ordering fresh, certified organic products from a wide range of choices.

The site also offers drinks and products which are concocted in-house, and according to Keshav, these are selling like hot cakes right now. Their detox coffee, which might aid in weight loss, he claims, smells, tastes, and looks like coffee, but is actually an elixir of dry mulethi, dry pungent amla, dalchini, nuts and Arabica or Robusta seeds. 

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Also on the charts is their Raw Kaadha, which consists of organic and doesn’t consist of any powders, and is secured from and packaged by farmers directly. Kaadha Green Tea which is a blend of ingredients essential for immunity such as cinnamon, dry haldi, dry ginger, and different types of leaves. 

The startup conducts delivers on their own in Delhi, and have collaborated with three vendors for deliveries in the rest of the country. With a team of around 50 people, including professionals for experimenting with their in-house drinks, and verifying organic certification of their products, the startup strives to ensure the quality is maintained across the board for their products by conducting thorough testing. Going organic takes a leap of faith for consumers, and many are still cynical because of the lack of authentic players in the market. “Our driving force behind this venture is to gain people’s trust, because eventually, good quality and good range is what guarantees happiness,” believes Keshav. 



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