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Home Fixtures Get a Modern Twist

Home Fixtures Get a Modern Twist


Furniture Renting

New-age India has learned how to live on the go. The joint-family system has been disintegrating in communities across India for a while now, as ambition has been driving singles and couples alike to traverse the country at the behest of their work. Living out of suitcases might be a fancy term for such a lifestyle, but there is now a growing trend among young India, that is letting them pack the metaphorical suitcase away for the few months they stay in a city. Furniture renting portals have been gaining solid ground in the country over the past few years, and have now become an extremely attractive fallback option for people moving cities for work or education. The system makes it possible to own bare necessities to make a brief stay comfortable, and save oneself from having to purchase unnecessary possessions. Juveria Tabassum checks out some noted players in the furniture rentals market 

  1. Furlenco: Furlenco, earlier christened Rent Ur Duniya, is based out of Bengaluru, and has made steady ground in the rental industry. So much so, that the brand also collaborated with Red Chilli’s Entertainment and  furnished for Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt’s starrer Dear Zindagi. Now available in Tier II and Tier III cities as well, the startup offers models and rental packages for every room in your home, right from the study, to the kitchen, to the kids’ room. Users can also mix and match pieces from different manufacturers, and create a cosy space for themselves. You can grab a Queen-sized bed complete with a mattress and pillows from as low as Rs 749 per month.
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  1. Rentomojo: Also based out of Bengaluru, the portal is available in almost 16 cities, and offers free package, moving, and maintenance. Apart from furniture and home appliances, Rentomojo also offers deals on workout and fitness gear. For a deposit of Rs 1019, you can rent yourself a Queen-sized bed at Rs 439 per month. You can also uplift your WFH experience with a chic study table at Rs 199 per month. 
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  1. Rentickle: Available in six cities, Rentickle is based out of Delhi, and offers curated rental packages for every room in your house. The portal also offers essential appliances on rent that can help complete your home and make it a convenient space to live in. You can rent a comfortable Queen-sized bed at Rs 384 per month
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