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Hangover Face

Hangover Face

Hangover Face

Fast beauty fixes for puffy eyes and blotchy skin by Dr Priti Shukla, Plastic Surgeon, Ambrosia Clinic…

Weekend late-night parties are such a darling to have but truth always haunts on Monday morning when you are stuck with a heavy hangover, leaving behind puffy eyes and blotchy skin for you to deal with. 

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Hangovers cause dehydration of the skin that leads to inflammation and swelling in tissues. People who have had fillers under the eyes or lips may have excess swelling in those parts. You definitely don’t want to look lost or sleepy on the first day of the week and lose out on the great opportunities. Here some great quick fixes and rescues for your post-party face.

Drink lots of water 

Alcohol dehydrates your entire body and yes that includes your skin too, which is why you wake up to a sallow face with noticeable fine lines and shouting pores. So, just go for hydration. Enhance your intake of liquids for the day and your skin will soon be replenished and rejoiced. 

Wash face with a creamy cleanser 

A gentle creamy cleanser gives immediate relief from irritated and red flushed skin by getting rid of dead skin cells. Also, if amongst all the booze, you had forgotten to remove your makeup before drowning in your dreams, needless to say, you need a nice and gentle face wash as soon as you open your eyes.

Keep head elevated to reduce face swelling 

Sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated promotes fluid drainage and hence is a big reliever if you are all puffed up from head to chin. 

Use any hydrating mask on the face 

A hydrating mask packed with electrolytes is best to plump up and revive your skin after a night out. Even though it won’t cure your queasy feelings and headache, it would definitely leave you looking as fresh as a daisy. 

Massage the face to gently move the fluid away 

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Gentle massage with a facial roller or your fingers energizes and lifts up the skin by encouraging lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. It’s the best way to alleviate under eye puffiness and snap sleep-deprived and hungover skin into shape.

Eat Vitamin B and C tablets for counteracting alcohol 

It’s not a secret that Vitamin B and C promote alcohol clearance from the blood, and reduces the severity of hangovers. So, pop in some pills on your big morning to fortify capillaries and dramatically reduce redness or just turn to the natural sources like cereal grains, meat, eggs, milk, legumes, fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, broccoli, etc. 

Avoid fatty food and let your liver detox itself with fresh juices and salads

Make up for last night’s overindulgence with some healthy add-ons to your diet. Your liver is already having a hard time digesting your party mood, so be a nice supporter now. Limit oily food items and embrace the fruits and veggies. 

Next time you get all juiced up in your celebration, remember these tips to look sober the next day. 


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