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Holistic Recovery Post COVID-19

Holistic Recovery Post COVID-19

The coronavirus has long lasting effects even after the person tests negative and is deemed to have recovered. Bindu Gopal Rao discovers a programmer that can help people bounce back better.

The second wave of COVID-19 has seen a spike in infections and while recoveries have also increased, the most common issue reported by those who have recovered is tiredness. Recently super fit actor, Malaika Arora admitted that COVID-19 had broken her physically.

While the long-term impact of the coronavirus is still being discovered, Kaivalyadhama, a traditional yoga school located in the serene Sahyadri mountain ranges of Lonavala, in Western India has launched a programme to recover effectively from the disease.

Spread over 180-acres of scenic lush-green landscape and pristine flora, Kaivalyadhama was founded by Swami Kuvalayananda in 1924, with the purpose of merging yoga tradition with science and making this knowledge relevant and accessible to the world. Kaivalyadhama has retained Yoga in its authentic and traditional form without dilution for the last 97 years so that the benefit of this holistic science is not lost.

“We believe that traditional Yoga has the answers for a holistic fulfilling life and thus we are the first institute in the world to start scientific research in yoga,” claims Subodh Tiwari, CEO, Kaivalyadhama, adding, “We also started the first Yoga College of the world and offer courses from certification, graduation, post-graduation, diplomas and P.hd in Yoga. Our health centre offers programmes in yoga coupled with therapies from Ayurveda and Naturopathy to help

individuals manage various diseases, relax and rejuvenate themselves.”

In response to the current COVID-19 situation, they have recently launched ‘Prabalatwam’, a two-week programme especially designed for the individuals who have recovered from

COVID-19 and are looking to bounce back to their fighting fit health status.

“The programme aims to improve lung capacity, provide total body detoxification, discover best efficiency and effectiveness in work and personal life and above all help in accessing peace and harmony within. The integrated approach of Yoga Therapy, Sattvic diet, Ayurvedic detoxification treatments and Naturopathy in a natural healing environment are the key highlights of Prabalatwam,” says Tiwari.

The approach is personalised for each individual and focuses on building strength and internal healing. The program costs Rs. 20,000 for two weeks and participants can additionally choose the accommodation from choice of standard to deluxe rooms or even cottages.

As COVID-19 recovered patients face several after-effects such as compromised lung capacity, neurological issues, severe fatigue, and issues with joints, yogic practices would benefit such people. “Practice of yoga asanas has shown good impact on the muscular and neurological system. Practices of Pranayama are beneficial for enhancing the entire respiratory system and dealing with some neurotransmitters such as ‘gaba’, which produces a feeling of well-being.

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Practices of Cleansing essentially detoxifies oneself,” says Tiwari. Any person who has recovered from Covid-19 infection can join the course.

The institute has several courses that focus on health and rejuvenation like healing treatments through naturopathy, Yoga for weight management, Yoga for pain management, detoxification through Ayurvedic Panchkarma and Yoga for immersive healing. “All programs are offered in multiples of one week and include stay, sattvic meals, yoga, cleansing practices and various therapies. We also offer several online workshops on different topics such as emotional healing, pranayama, yogic diet, stress management, and COVID-19 recovery,” says Tiwari.

The response to the course has been encouraging and participants have reported improvement in lung capacity, muscle strength and stamina. “We have hosted people from all over India, right from Bengal to Chennai to Gujarat to Jammu. The holistic approach of our programme along with the environment, food, therapies and yoga have shown phenomenal results which have been documented by our pre and post program tests and results,” says Tiwari.

Prabalatwam is an evidence-based programme and the Institute has tested and continues to test the effects of the intervention of Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy on post COVID-19 patients. “Yoga practices include specific practices for lung capacity, increasing digestive efficacy, and greater quality of sleep. Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapies are focused on rejuvenating individuals and detoxification. The environment, energy and food at the institute plays a very important role for individuals toward greater health,” says Tiwari.

Looking ahead the institute plans to expand their health centre infrastructure and are currently building a centre to focus on cancer survivors and those suffering from non-communicable diseases. “We have expanded our online footprint and now also offer courses through our e-learning platform. We wish to reach out to as many people across the world so that they can experience the benefits of undiluted traditional yoga,” signs off Tiwari.


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