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Homegrown Co-ord Indian brands

Homegrown Co-ord Indian brands

Homegrown Co-ord Indian brands - Hashtag Magazine

A co-ord set is an outfit made from two-piece sets coordinated into one with matching colour prints or fabrics. A co-ord can be anything like a matching top and skirt outfit or a sweatshirt with a coordinating jogger. Co-ord sets are designed separately so that they can be worn together. These are some of the popular Homegrown Co-ord Indian brands to shop from.

  1. Summer Somewhere

Summer Somewhere is a popular clothing brand that aims to make fashion more sustainable. Their pieces are handmade in Mumbai and they follow ethical practices like recycling their textile scraps and local manufacturing. Summer Somewhere is now collaborating with Recircle to recover plastic from landfills. 

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  1. The Boozy Button

The Boozy Button is a representation of both worlds. From bizarre prints to vibrant patterns, Boozy button is all about the fusion of fashion and trends. The brand makes sure that you stand out bright from others. They also sell Kaftans, Resort wear, Cruise wear, Leisure Wear, and Quirky Jewelry. 

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  1. Kalakaari

Kalakaari by Sagarika is a popular homegrown brand that creates all types of co-ord sets. The brand is loved by fashion influencers, as they have vivid colours and unique styles that will bring out the best in you. From beautiful tops designed with lace skirts to pantsuit styles, Kalakaari has created some of the best co-ord sets for its customers.

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  1. The Real B

The Real B started by Binal Patel is one of the most popular co-ord set brands. They are known for their elegance, craftsmanship and exemplary designs. The brand embraces the authenticity of crafts, clothes, colours, culture, and catering. They also sell jumpsuits, outwear, loungewear, skirts, shirts, and tops.

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  1. The Lazy Gang 

The Lazy Gang label has a keen eye for the latest trends. The brand is suitable for those who want to be lazy but also trendy. From customized co-ords to dynamic prints, The Lazy Gang collections will enlighten your wardrobes. 

The Lazy Gang designs clothes that are comfortable, and approachable. They try to maximize the use of fabrics by using waste fabric from their orders to create other accessories like headscarves, and eye masks. They also use waterless eco-friendly digital printing which allows them to reduce waste.

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  1. Since 1988

Since 1988 is a popular affordable brand that features bright co-ord sets. The designs are simple but they add a sense of ease to your looks. The brand aims to encompass the fusion of life experiences and creates pieces that are suitable for today’s lifestyle. They also sell dresses, classical wear, and tops that are affordable and comfortable to wear. 

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  1. Puneet Kapoor Label

Puneet Kapoor Label is a modern luxury brand that speaks about fast fashion. From trending hues to mesmerizing customizations, making the brand one of a kind. Not only Co-ord sets,  pants, tops, jumpsuits, skirts, loungewear, and other dresses are available. Every collection available on the Puneet Kapoor Label has all the elements of the latest trends which define style and elegance. 

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  1. The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company was established by Prakruti Gupta and Navin Rao in 2016. The company aims to provide global buyers with a wide range of kaftans with unique designs that are comfortable and trendy. The Kaftan Company makes kaftans look more fashionable than any other style. With a sheer commitment to sustainable practice, the brand is redefining traditional attire into global leisurewear. 

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  1. Malie

Malie is a popular brand created by Amalie Othilia Brandi Mikkelsen and Karandeep Singh Chadha. This brand celebrates the couple’s rich and diverse culture. The brand brings together the fusion of India’s intricate clothing design, and techniques with Denmark’s practical designs. This amazing fusion provides exceptional, and original designs for all. 

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  1. Poppi

Poppi is a brand that has high street styles and trends that are inspired by life in fashion-forward cities from across the globe. Poppi brings unique, and classy styles infused with comfortable clothing. Poppi aims to bring the best stylish clothing and celebrate sustainability and simplicity as well. They sell dresses and tops, and you can also choose for occasions like day dresses, and evening edits also.

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Conclusion: These are some of the best homegrown co-ord Indian brands. Explore these co-ord set brands and add some colour and new styles to your wardrobe. 


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