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How smart is your pup?

How smart is your pup?

How smart is your pup - Hashtag Magazine

We all adore creatures with fur, especially dogs. Dogs and people form a unique connection of love and compassion. Given this special bond, it is hardly surprising that our ancestors tamed dogs.

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 Every dog has a different IQ, just like people. Varied dog breeds have different IQs, yet within a given breed, each dog has a unique IQ. Although there isn’t a formal IQ test for dogs, one can determine the dog’s intelligence through signs and simple activities. Rashmi Bhumi Reddy lists some wonderful, entertaining activities and tell-tale signs that can help you discover your dog’s IQ.

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  1. Without practice, your dog can quickly recall your orders.

Every puppy obediently follows instructions, but the intelligent ones will retain their instructions for a long time even if they are unfamiliar with them. Take the case of teaching a dog to walk backwards on command and not practising it with them for a year. If your dog is intelligent, they will still be able to perform the task when asked.

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  1. Your dog is excellent at treat puzzles.

The finest options for entertaining your dog are puzzle games. These puzzle games can be used to gauge your dog’s intelligence. These toys frequently require your dog to complete actions in order to solve a puzzle and release a treat. If they can, one can infer that they have strong problem-solving skills.

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To test your dog, you can also make your own treat puzzles. For instance, spread a treat out on the floor and cover it with a towel. Set a timer to see how long it takes your dog to receive the treat. Give your dog three points if they figure it out in less than fifteen seconds, two points if they do it in between fifteen and sixty seconds, and one point if they do so in more than sixty seconds.

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You can also amuse a dog with another entertaining activity. Set a row of two or three upside-down cups. During their observation, tuck a goodie under one of the cups. Before letting your dog start looking for the treat, divert their attention for a short while. This game puts your dog’s memory to the test. Give your dog three points if they immediately approach the cup containing the treat, two points if they check one empty cup before discovering the correct one, and one point if they first check both the wrong cups.

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  1. The game is started with you by your dog.

Although most dogs enjoy playing games with you, the smart ones start the games by expressing their demands to you. Does your dog, for instance, bring you a toy or engage in any other behaviour you have trained them to earn your attention? If it does, this is evidence of your dog’s intelligence.

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  1. When you’re upset, your dog will cuddle up to you.

Sadness is one emotion that can be read and understood well by intelligent dogs. Your dog will attempt to make you feel better by cuddling up to you or staying by your side till you are happy when they detect your grief.

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  1. They employs safety measures

Dogs must be trained to manoeuvre through obstacles like crosswalks. A smart dog will constantly take the initiative and search independently for potential safety hazards. For instance, a clever dog can respond appropriately by cautioning you as a speeding car approaches the crossing (barking or dragging you back by pulling the leash etc.).

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  1. They are aware that you’re going.

Another characteristic or trait of smart pups is their keen observational skills. Does your dog recognise your suitcase, for instance, when you pull it out? It’s an indication that something big is about to happen, like relocation or going on a trip. The dog tries to jump in your bag or hide inside as a way of expressing their comprehension.

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  1. They try to trick you.

Whether it’s whining at an empty food bowl or bringing you a leash to get you to put down your phone and go for a walk, clever dogs know how to get what they want. According to experts, it is similar to teaching a dog the same way you would train one.

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  1. They pick up knowledge by observing.

If your dog replicates your activities to get comparable results, such as opening of gates or doors, this is evidence that they are intelligent. If you are not attempting to teach them the skill that they have mastered, this is even more true. Pure observational learning is a sign of great intelligence.

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  1. They learn from their master.

Your dog is aware that you are in charge and is concerned with your opinion of them when they look at you before acting. The most intelligent dogs will make sure that their owners are aware of what they are doing in addition to simply obeying specific directions.

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  1. They display the best characteristics of their breed.

It’s simply a matter of biology that if your dog is a bloodhound, they will always have a superior sense of smell than a Pekinese. Comparing the two distinct breeds would be unjust because each breed has distinct skills and qualities of its own. Finally, when evaluating a dog’s intelligence, it is important to comprehend and take into account the breed-specific natural talents of the animal.

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Last but not least, no matter how intelligent your dog is, constantly show appreciation for him or her. If your dog isn’t performing well in some activities or isn’t exhibiting some of the mentioned signs, don’t yell or penalise them. It will just sever your relationship with your dog. As dogs are man’s closest companion, you should adore your dog and treasure your time with them.

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