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Fashion de luxe 2021

Fashion de luxe 2021

luxury fashion 2021

The luxury fashion world is a gala on its own. With brand new releases and collections, they never miss a chance to make an exclusive statement. Avanthika Reddy picks some exclusive releases from popular luxury brands from the fashion realm.

1.  Hermès

Hermès is a traditional luxury brand that has been family owned for five generations. The brand is widely known for its exclusive collection of handbags and leather products. Hermès stands for exquisite craftsmanship and deep-rooted history in the fashion world.

The recent spring collection 2021 was a massive success with elegantly crafted fashion pieces. The structure, fluidity and warm colours tenderly interacting with the design, brought out the spirit of the Spring season.

2.  Gucci

The infamous Italian fashion house Gucci is one of the most loved luxury fashion brands around the globe. High-quality manufacturing makes Gucci one of the biggest fashion brands. The impressive line of handbags, footwear, ready-to-wear and accessories makes Gucci a feast for all the lux fashion enthusiasts.

The Fall 2021 collection was more than just a new collection for the brand. It was the celebration of 100 marvellous years of Gucci. With Lil Pump setting the ramp on fire with the Gucci Gang song, the collection brought in an aura of success, celebration and luxury. The collection was a collaboration with yet another striking brand Balenciaga.

3.  Louis Vuitton

Customisation is what makes LV people’s favourite. Luxury and your style customised into an iconic piece is a no brainer for luxury enthusiasts. The LV monogram appears on all of its designs making a statement. The products range from huge luggage trunks to mini-sized purses, watches, clothing, shoes, jewellery and accessories.

The Summer 2021 collection was well received as it brought upon feelings of relief and happiness with the perfect pick of colours, structure of the pieces and the concept of shooting. Taking their inspiration from sunsets and the vibe it gives out, the 2021 LV collection was impactful and turned heads.

4.  Chanel

Coco Chanel, a well-known personality in the fashion world, made some iconic statements with her brand Chanel over the years. The French luxury fashion house expertises in making clothes, perfumes, accessories and bags. The timeless designs and her trademark suits and little black dresses made the foundation of Chanel.

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The Chanel Spring 2021 collection was a theme to capture the glory and glamour of actresses with whom the fashion house closely resembles. From Bermuda shorts to crop stops with blazers, the Spring collection brought out the elegance of cinema from the golden age. The recent collection proved the immense creativity held within the fashion house.

5.  Bulgari

The renowned Italian luxury brand known for its jewellery, watches, fragrances, accessories and leather goods.The brand earned its reputation from delicate craftsmanship and extraordinary jewellery pieces. It is one of the most remarkable and renowned brands of luxury.

The Summer/Spring 2021 launched an exclusive collection of Serpenti bags with bright colours and structured designs. The brand also launched classic accessory pieces that symbolise lux fashion. With an exclusive array of colours and gemstones, the brand curated an exclusive versatile and urban collection.


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