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Meet The Applications That Every Woman Should Have On Their Phones

Meet The Applications That Every Woman Should Have On Their Phones

Meet The Applications That Every Woman Should Have On Their Phones - Hashtag Magazine

We are living in a digital world which is so well-connected that we just need one mobile phone with an internet connection to have access to all kinds of information and services from around the world. From real-time communication to shopping for groceries and necessities, from getting daily news updates to tracking our health and even safety, everything is covered by applications. These apps have become integral parts of our lives and have helped everyone to lead better and safer lives, especially true for women. These apps have eased and upgraded the lives of women who were earlier, in some ways, dependent on the male members of the family for banking services to even finding a plumber. But now, women can do it all themselves with a tap. 

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This interrelationship of technology and women’s empowerment is being celebrated on International Women’s Day 2023 (IWD 2023), with the theme being, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.”

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In the spirit of International Women’s Day and achieving gender equality through technology, we list a few mobile applications that every woman should have on their phone. 

  1. Mint
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Keeping track of finances is one of the most essential skills needed to survive in this world, Mint helps us with exactly that. It is one of the best budgeting apps for keeping track of everything we spend. It also helps to make monthly budgets.

  1. Flipboard

It’s important to keep ourselves updated with what is happening around the world, but reading long articles and flipping through newspapers is a leisurely activity for which we don’t have enough time. Flipboard organises the news you care about into one convenient location and helps you stay up to date on the topics that interest you the most.

  1. Clementine
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This is a hypnosis app to help you relax. It helps you achieve inner peace, reduce worry, eliminate self-doubt, and sleep better. This app can help your mental health and increase your confidence. 

  1. Practo

Practo helps you improve your healthcare knowledge and its utilization. It is a one-window app for all of your healthcare requirements, it allows you to schedule doctor appointments, get medication online, and keep track of your medical records in one place.

  1. 112 India
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One of the biggest worries of women is their safety. This app makes your journey substantially less frightening at the touch of a button. It was launched by the Central Government of India. It is an all-in-one women’s security app; it can be used to issue an SOS alert with only a single tap in any situation. It is like a quicker way to call for help when needed via a single number to call in an emergency.

  1. Clue
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Clue helps you track your menstruation and ovulation cycle. The app also keeps track of your cramps, skin, hair, and sleep. The sophisticated software examines this information and finds patterns to provide you with useful information about your body.

  1. GoodGuide 
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It’s a difficult task to determine which products are good for you and which are not. GoodGuide makes conscious consumerism easy. It rates all kinds of products according to the ingredients used; it provides you with all the information to buy the products best for you.

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  1. Safetipin
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Safety is a big issue for women, so another good option for safety apps for women is Safetipin. This app is specifically designed keeping in mind the concept of personal safety. It includes essential features such as GPS tracking, and emergency contact numbers and also gives directions to safe locations. It pins the safe areas along with their safety scores to go at the time of any problem.

  1. Bumble, Tinder, Hinge etc.
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These dating apps help modern women to take control of their dating lives and pleasure. Through these apps, women can explore a variety of options and won’t be limited to only a limited pool. They provide women with the right to experiment and choose what works for them.

  1. Sheroes
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Sheroes is the leading networking for women, made by women, where they can share their passions through videos as well as posts, get career advice, use the free women’s helpline, find and share recipes, make some new friends, get free legal advice, and beauty tips, discover the perfect work from home opportunities, work remotely with top companies, and explore reselling.

These are just some of the many available mobile applications out there. These apps will certainly help you manage your life more efficiently and effectively. So, besides social media apps and online shopping apps, these apps deserve some space on your phone, don’t they? 


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