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“My roles pick me”: Nanda Yadav

“My roles pick me”: Nanda Yadav

Nanda Yadav

Known for her work in The Letters and Why Cheat India, Nanda Yadav has been taking steady steps into mainstream Bollywood on the back of some interesting movie picks. Speaking with Hashtag India, the actor discusses acting, dance, her YouTube channel, and upcoming projects…

From debuting with The Letters to now launching a YouTube series, Wo Bindi Wali, tell us a little about your journey from Varanasi

Nanda Yadav

When I first moved from Delhi to Bombay, I had no connections. I started doing theatre and that opened a lot of television work for me. I landed William Reads’ Letters based on Mother Teresa and her letters. Hexing directed by Christopher Lenoir, and a short film for the United Nations called Banno followed, and that led to my break with Why Cheat India directed by Soumik Sen. 2020 was slow but I utilised the time and started my YouTube channel Wo Bindi Wali. 2021 is lined up for a bunch of releases including Majjma which is on MX Player.

Between Hexing and Banno you have made some offbeat choices during your career. How do you pick your roles?

My roles are always challenging ones, and in a way, my roles choose me. During the story narration I love when directors have a bold vision for my character, and confidence in my ability as an actor. These roles are very close to life and that encourages me to deliver them better.

You are a trained classical dancer, what led you to a career in acting?

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Training in Bharatnatyam was only a step towards acting. I loved dancing and wanted to be polished in our classical form. The training in dance doesn’t restrict you; it actually helps you express yourself better physically and emotionally. It laid the foundation for acting. 

Tell us a little about your forthcoming projects 

All these projects are really different from each other and they all have some message hidden within which we as society don’t acknowledge enough. We want to put it on the table and see how the audience reacts. It’s Abuse Only is about two struggling souls who find solace in each other’s company not knowing whether it will make their woes better or worse. Sharir talks about one’s own insecurities, and Kalabai from Byculla gives an answer to one’s insecurities. I am quite excited for their release.


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