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Vaidehi Warekar has explored many professional choices before walking the path she is on now. Having received her master’s degree in Industrial Psychology from SNDT University, she went on to Welingkar Institute in Mumbai to earn a master’s in Human Resources Management, following which she worked in HR. Vaidehi shares her struggles with clothing in conversation with Bidisha Barik which led her to create a virtual wardrobe that soon took the form of a business opportunity.

The founder of E-Wardrobe has been aware of the frequent problem of storing and preserving heavy Indian garments since her childhood. Vaidehi came to the United States in 2014, two years after her marriage. She was hesitant to bring all of her lehengas, Kancheepuram sarees, and bridal gowns with her, so she left them at her Mumbai residence. On her return a couple of years later, she saw that her clothing had been destroyed owing to storage conditions. This influenced her decision to create a practical storage solution for the precious garments that we all keep in our closets.

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The desire to devise a solution for herself prompted her to research and learn about the wardrobe issues of others. Researching and learning about the closet issues of her close relatives, friends, and family prompted her to pitch forth her idea. It was the artist in Vaidehi who created a passionate business out of a problem she faced, giving us the virtual closet. Her family has always been inspiring on the journey and is extremely supportive

“When I lost my father, my mother began her job in her 40s. My husband has always been a support system, as has my mother-in-law, who has always had my back, she would always take care of my two kids so I work peacefully,” she says.

Vaidehi has always loved her creative space. While working in a corporate environment, her desire to be creative flared anew, prompting her to leave her mundane job and pursue jewellery design. Her real passion for art, home décor, and creativity has never stopped her from venturing out on a regular basis. Her anxiety over storage and closet difficulties took a toll on her during her second pregnancy, she headed on for a post pregnancy break, and she worked on it day and night to find a solution. “We are popular with parents and young girls since their problems with storage come to an end with us,” she says. Though she had difficulty grounding her business during the pandemic, she managed to make her mark. She adds, “I gradually established trust with the consumers.”

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As she celebrates the first anniversary of her business venture, she hopes to expand her virtual wardrobes, currently available only in Hyderabad, across the country, so that everyone can have access to convenient and affordable storage with hassle-free services.

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One thing you’ve learned along the way as an entrepreneur?

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Is there anything you’re truly proud of?

I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing.

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