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Back to the Basics: 5 Must-Have Products in Your Makeup Kit

Back to the Basics: 5 Must-Have Products in Your Makeup Kit

Snigdha Polapragada

Snigdha Polapragada (@snigdhapv), a Digital Creator with over 20K followers, in conversation with Avanthika Reddy shares five  makeup tips and suggestions that she personally finds effective.

Instagrammer Snigdha Polapragada was alien to the concept of makeup up until Lockdown 2020. Tied up at home like everyone else, she binged on makeup tutorials, tried and tested some products and finally, she began conjuring some tips of her own. “I liked makeup before the lockdown, but I was never too familiar with the nitty-gritties of it all. The lockdown changed that, though,” says Snigdha.

From the legions of makeup tutorial videos up on social media, one can always stumble on a style and an artist works best. Snigdha believes in a thorough skin care routine that can support and enhance a decent makeup session. “With makeup, what I have learned is that less is more. The makeup itself will only shine through if you’ve managed to maintain a good skincare routine with products that work well for you. Making sure that the routine actually has purpose, and isn’t just a product line-up is important,” stresses Snigdha. 

Always remember less is more! A proper skincare routine doesn’t need too many products , the right products that do the job are good to go. Make sure your skin care routine is beneficial and not a product lineup.

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Here’s Snigdha’s list of 5 must-haves in your kit: 

  1. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer: My first recommendation would be a full coverage concealer. A concealer is a genius fix for dark eyes, spots and pigmentation. I swear by the Age Rewind Concealer from Maybelline because it provides a wonderful, smooth finish.
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit: Up next would be an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush! Perfectly done eyebrows can make or break the look, and the brow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills will help you make a clean job out of it. 
  3. Maybelline Duo Stick: Who doesn’t like a sharp nose? The good ol’ highlighter and contour duo stick is what I religiously use to give sharp lines and a chiseled shape to my nose and jawline.
  4. Mac Powder Blush or Cheek Tints by Ilana and Daughter Earth: Sun kissed look? Check! A couple sweeps of blush or tint on your cheeks and nose would lend a natural, warm finish.
  5. Colossal Voluminous Mascara: Finally, a good mascara can enhance your entire look. A voluminous mascara defines your eyelashes and makes your makeup stand out, making sure you grab those eyeballs easy. 


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