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The Hyderabadi Street Artists

The Hyderabadi Street Artists

Street Artists

Street Artists

Meet the couple – Swathi and Vijay who are the face of Street Art set in motion in Hyderabad. Their passion towards art and concern towards the prevailing social issues has helped them communicate with the public through their paintings. On a rendezvous with the street artists Mahati Salike gets a lay down on how all this began….

Graduates from JNTU, Hyderabad, Swati and Vijay were fervent towards art and paintings since then. Married in 2008 and that is when the path towards Street Art has taken a shape. Earlier the couple used to exhibit their art in galleries but later realized that their work is for the public and so they livened up the walls of the streets with their graffiti art. The main focus of their art is a social commentary on social issues. Their intriguing works make us stand still even on a bustling and busy day.

“In our opinion, Street Art is a Language to communicate with the society” say the artists. The artists say that the beginning has been quite a bit difficult for them. Later, they began vandalism and with a few paintings in commissioned by the Government. Some of their art work themes include Politics; we love India, Missing Honest Politicians etc. The artists have also painted for a few government schools to attract the students and to give the schools an exceptional appearance. Other than Hyderabad, their art is perceived in Bangalore, Jaipur, and Coimbatore etc. The couple visited France for a 9 month fellowship program to study in the world’s prestigious art school in Paris. They exposed their art in places like Biwako Biennial, Japan, Canada and also in Christie’s Auction, London attaining international exposure. Their eccentric quality of work and will to work towards the development of the society has bought them the ‘Sakshi Excellence Award’ in the field of Social Impact and Development for the 2017.

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