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Clear Aligners for Your Dental Fix

Clear Aligners for Your Dental Fix

Teeth Alignment

Teeth Alignment

Dental braces can be a painful phase in a teenager’s life. A good number of youngsters often feel self-conscious when they’re required to put on braces in order to fix teeth alignment. Clear aligners have been doing the rounds in recent times as a viable alternative to traditional braces. Dr Amit Sachdeva BDS, MDS (Orthodontics) shares the good, the bad and the ugly about this technology with readers of Hashtag India

Much like traditional braces, invisalign aligners work by slowly moving the position of your teeth. They can be used for different kinds of misalignments like gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, forwardly placed teeth, or rotated teeth to help you achieve your desired smile. While there are many options available in market, there are a few questions to be strongly considered as a parent: 

  1. How many patients have been treated successfully with a particular brand?
  2. Is it approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
  3. Are there any shortcomings or side effects?
  4. Can the clear aligner treat complex case as seen in teenagers
Teen aligners for perfect teeth -

In most cases clear aligners can be used from any age between 13 to 65 years. Invisalign has a successful database of treating 10million+ patients all over the world. These removable aligners have to be used for 20 hours in a day. Unlike fixed braces which may hurt the soft tissues of the mouth due to the wires present, invisalign teen aligners are made of patented softrack material which is extremely comfortable for the mouth. The material also takes care of gum and bone health, and is a lot easier to maintain than traditional braces. The treatment may last from 6months to 18months depending upon the severity of the alignment issues.

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The advancement in technology has left its mark on the dental arena too, and the invisalign iTero scanner has the ability to visualise the final outcome of the treatment, making it an enticing option for many. The rest of the process is also smooth enough, not requiring too many repeat visits to the dentist; you can make do with online consultations if and when required. And while braces come with a pesky list of things you can’t eat, teen aligners come with no such restrictions, leaving you free to gorge on your favourite meals. 


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