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Beyond The Avatar: The Unknown Facts about Kalki 2898 AD

Beyond The Avatar: The Unknown Facts about Kalki 2898 AD

The Unknown Facts about Kalki 2898 AD

Kalki 2898 AD has ignited a firestorm of anticipation. This epic mythological sci-fi saga, boasting a star-studded cast and mind-bending premise, promises to be a global phenomenon. But beneath the stunning visuals and A-list actors lie fascinating secrets waiting to be unveiled. Dhanush Kumar writes about the unknown facts about this film.

Unknown Facts about Kalki 2898 AD

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From Mahabharata Echoes to a Futuristic Canvas

The film weaves a narrative around the prophesied 10th Avatar of Vishnu Kali, set in the year 2898 AD. However, a deep connection lies with the epic Mahabharata. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of Ashwatthama, cursed with immortality. This raises intriguing questions: Will Ashwatthama play a role in Kalki’s emergence? How will their fates intertwine across millennia?

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Prabhas as Bhairava: A Name Stepped in Mythology

While audiences know Prabhas as the larger-than-life hero, his character’s name, Bhairava, holds more profound significance. Bhairava is another name for Kalabhairava, a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva associated with destruction and protection. Does this hint at the duality of Bhairava’s role? Will he be a force of reckoning or a guardian?

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Kamal Hassan as the Antagonist? A Battle between Good and Evil

The legendary Kamal Hassan portrays the antagonist, Supreme Yaskin. In an interview, he recently mentioned that he is like an evil sage with bad intentions in the film. The casting choice fuels speculation about the nature of the conflict. Will it be a battle for the future of humanity or a more philosophical exploration of good and evil?

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Who is playing the Role of Kalki?

As Prabhas character’s name is Bhairava. The audience is now confused about who will play Kalki’s role in the movie. On the other hand, Deepika’s role is that of Sumati, who is seen as a pregnant woman. In the film’s trailer, we see that Ashwatthama is protecting her from danger because he thinks that she will give birth to Kalki. There have been rumours about time travel in the movie as well. We will only get answers to these theories when we watch the film on the big screen.

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Beyond Bollywood

While comparisons to Hollywood Sci-fi epics are inevitable, Kalki promises a distinct vision. Director Nag Ashwin has cited films like Blade Runner and Dune as inspirations but assures us the narrative will be rooted in Indian mythology and sensibilities.

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Women Warriors and AI Companions

Early glimpses suggest Kalki 2898 AD won’t shy away from challenging stereotypes. Deepika Padukone’s character, Sumati, hints at a vital female role. Additionally, an AI companion called Bujji, voiced by Keerthy Suresh, adds another layer of intrigue.

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Special Cameos in the Movie

The internet has been abuzz with news that many stars and directors are making exciting cameos in the movie. Directors like SS Rajamouli and Ram Gopal Varma are making cameos. Rajamouli’s role is rumoured to be Ved Vyas, while Ram Gopal Varma’s role is kept under wraps. Stars like Vijay Devarakonda, Nani, and Rana are also rumoured to play essential movie roles. The latest news about the cameos is that Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur also play the vital role of Kalki’s parents.

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A Spectacle beyond Special Effects

While the visual effects will undoubtedly be a highlight, Kalki 2898 AD aspires to be more than just a spectacle. The story’s core message and the performances of its stellar cast promise to leave a lasting masterpiece. This combination of stunning visuals with a thought-provoking narrative could elevate Kalki 2898 AD to a new level.

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Kalki 2898 AD is more than just a movie; it’s a phenomenon in the making. With its blend of mythology, sci-fi, and stellar cast, the film promises an unforgettable cinematic experience. As the release date draws closer, Kalki’s secrets continue to unfold.


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