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Vidya Balan’s Romantic Comeback

Vidya Balan’s Romantic Comeback

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Vidya Balan is doing a film in the romantic genre almost after ten years titled, ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar.’ Do Aur Do Pyaar is an official adaptation of The Lovers. Directed by [debut director] Shirsha Guha Thakurta, starring Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D’Cruz, and Sendhil Ramamurthy. Dive into some hard-hitting questions and bold answers from her perspective on situationships, her secrets to a Strong Marriage, and more with Lipika Varma.

How does it feel doing a romantic genre film after ten years?

Yes, I feel nice that I am doing this film. I did get this genre offers after Shaadi Ke Side Effects, too. Nowadays, very few films are made in this romantic genre. Actually, I was very fed up with all the content. I watched a movie with an intense flavour, and maar dhad was also seen. But in action, I felt sad when people were put down just like flies. I was just feeling what was happening with content. In fact, for a while, I just wanted to do light comedy stuff, hasna-hasana hi karna chahati hoon bus. I wish to do a full-fledged comedy, but I loved doing this romantic genre.

What are your thoughts on extramarital affairs?

Extra martial affair- toh hai hi. After a point, they start cheating with the ones they are in love with. As an onlooker, it can be funny, but someone going through it wouldn’t be funny. It could happen sometime, I feel, you realize Dal Chawal Kha Kha Kar bore ho jate ho. It’s a bizarre situation, and I hope no one goes through it.

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Can you talk about your character in the film?

She is a Palagahat Iyer like me. I am a Brahmin in real life and happy to play it on reel. Born and raised in Ooty, she is a headstrong girl and has done her life exactly as she wanted. She is madly in love with the character played by Prateek. Sometimes, people who are madly in love fall out of love. Then, she is someone who is yearning for that love, so when she feels she is not able to get it from him, she goes seeking it outside. This happens in most cases, I guess.

Out of love is a risky situation. Do you have any mantras to bring back that love?

It’s a very risky situation; I heard a lot about such out-of-love situations among couples. Couples, from my experience, should constantly and consistently work at sharing and spending their experiences and time with each other. We are very good at spending a lot of time as a couple. Even if we share time, discuss, or go for a drive, we also travel for holidays together. Spending time with each other to share what is happening in each other’s lives is very important. Besides, we also do a lot of stuff together, trying out new things as a couple. We also try new recipes. Last year, we went on a short holiday.

My mantra is that consistently spending time with each other is crucial. It is important for each other to know how you are important. At some point in time, there will be differences of opinion. Sometimes, we might misunderstand or feel bad and need to get out of our systems. I can’t hide anything; I speak it out.

Any advice for those out of love and still struggling to live under the same roof?

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It’s so unique that I don’t want to give any advice. But if you want the relationship to continue, you may seek advice from a counsellor or a therapist and work at it. But you must work at it if you want to give that relationship another chance.

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What is your take on the latest term, situationship, and any advice to this gen?

These terms are so confusing. I was shocked to hear and learn about it recently. I feel like comparing such terms with online food ordering; if you don’t prefer pav bhaji, which you ordered online, you can replace it with another item. So if your partner is not perfect, send him/her back and call for another; it’s become like that. I feel no one is perfect, but I can say that since I belong to another generation. The younger generation must be in a very confusing time. I think they cannot commit, and thus, relationships are falling apart. They constantly are fleeting between dating different people.

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Vidya elaborates/explains her recent statement reported in a publication-  Hamein bhi aankh sekne ka moka milna chahiye, which she had made on Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot- We have always seen a lot of girls on covers. In Playboy, women are completely shot in the nude, and men enjoy that, or maybe lesbians also enjoy that. As women, what do we get to see always-covered men? Kyun bahi aap hamein sati savitri kyun bana rahe ho. Aisa nahi hai –ki hum mein desires nahi hai. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the beauty and sexiness of others. There’s nothing wrong with what I have said. Women have always been objectified. I think it’s time to appreciate men. They should also run around trees dancing [laughs].


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