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Trekking sites in and around Hyderabad

Trekking sites in and around Hyderabad

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Check out the adventurous trekking places in and around Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad – what an invigorating city. Be it food, fashion or travel, everything in this city is scintillating. Besides these attractions, Hyderabad also has innumerable adventure destinations that include breath-taking trekking sites. 

If you are zealous about travelling and exploring new places, then you’ve come to the right place. Finding out how places close by Hyderabad can be a good way to start. Hashtag provides you with a list of picturesque treks near Hyderabad you can consider for your next rendezvous. 

10 Best Trekking Places in Hyderabad

Let us explore the trekking sites near Hyderabad. Below are ten of the best trekking locations that you should not miss out on. Let’s dive into the world of adventure.

Trip to Ahobilam - Tripoto

One of the most popular treks around Hyderabad is Ahobilam. This is said to be the holy abode of Lord Narasimha. Ahobilam is contemplated as a divine shrine as Lord Narasimha is deified in 9 different forms across 9 sites. Thus, this route is also called the Nava Narasimha Kshetra. While a few of the 9 temples are located in the thick forests, the others are accessible via roadways. The path through the forest is enthralling and often recommended. 

Distance: 256 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: October – March 

Ananthagiri Hills Viewpoint in the city Godamguda

Number two on our list are the Ananthagiri hills. This place has received much love and admiration for its riveting view. Located in the Vikarabad district, it too hosts a temple, tracked down in the thick, lush green forest. The presence of historic caves, medieval fort constructions, and a temple attests to the region’s heritage. In the woodlands, there are two hiking paths: one that starts at the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple; the other which starts around 0.5 kilometres from the shrine and leads to Kerelli.

Distance: 63 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: October – March 

Kanakai Waterfalls / Bandrev Waterfall 2022, #1 top things to do in  adilabad, telangana, reviews, best time to visit, photo gallery |  HelloTravel India

The Kanakai waterfall, located 2 kilometres from Girnoor, is a popular trekking destination near Hyderabad. There are a total of three waterfalls here, including Cheekati Gundam and the Bandrev waterfall, which are all situated along the same single stretch. It takes around 3-4 hours to explore all three cascades, and tourists may spend considerable time there before returning to the road. The brilliant blue waters and the rocky terrains stand out for the trekkers, ameliorating their adventure journey. 

Distance: 280 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: August – October

Bhuvanagiri Fort | Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District, Govt of Telangana | India

Constructed in the 10th century by Thribhuvanamalla Vikramadithya IV, the Bhongir fort has become a prominent getaway trekking site for Hyderabad.  Bhongir fort is perched atop a 500-foot-high egg-shaped rocky mountain. The stairway from the base of the mountain to the summit is still solid. Tourists are captivated by the magnificent ancient citadel made with breathtaking stone and the artistically constructed courts that have withstood the tests of time. As a result, it has become a compelling trekking destination.

Distance: 48 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: December – February

Devarakonda Fort In Nalgonda | LBB, Hyderabad

Devarakonda is a location noted for its magnificent rich legacy, which gives it its significance in Hyderabad. This territory was originally governed by the Velamas kingdom, traces of whom may still be seen throughout the area. The Devarakonda fort is among the most notable relics of the era that is now in ruins. Visitors may also partake in pastimes like scuba diving at the adjacent Ethipothala Falls or explore the Rajiv Gandhi Reserve. The very top of this fort is truly serene, and you will enjoy the picturesque view from there.

Distance: 120 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: May – August 

Best Trekking spots in Telangana
Narayanpet: 11 sluice gates of Koilsagar lifted

Perceived as the valiant treks of Hyderabad, these sites are located in Mahbubnagar District. The hike is not recommended for amateurs because the climb to the peak is arduous. You must navigate through prickly shrubs, stones, and muddy and treacherous pathways at moments. The voyage is both challenging and exciting. Be ready to trek for an hour. Nevertheless, the difficult walk is worthwhile. The panorama from the summit of the hill gives you a view of the landscape, neighbouring flora, and the Koilsagar Dam, astounding visitors. On top, the atmosphere is charming. You’ll want to stay till the end of the day and watch the gorgeous twilight from the summit.

Distance: 140 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: Anytime of the year – Early Sunrise and Sunsets

Kondamadugu Trekking, Hyderabad I Book & Get 25% Off

An exhilarating trekking destination that allures several trekkers is the Kondamadugu hill. This scenic beauty situated in Bibinagar is surrounded by rich foliage and stunning natural beauty. The location is particularly well-known for its tiger hills, where visitors may go hiking and exploring. Aside from that, the Golkonda fort is a popular destination for thrill-seekers looking to go hiking in Kondamadugu.

Distance: 40 km from Hyderabad

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Best time to visit: Anytime of the year

Note: Look out for the weather forecast of the past 15 days before your visit. Normal wind speed and no rainfall is a must to enjoy the site safely. 

Hyderabad: An escape to the top of Khilla Ghanpur

This fort is considered a secluded beauty and a historical site that gives a one-of-a-kind experience to all the trekkers through their journey. This is an instant getaway from the city if you are seeking tranquillity and privacy. The fort contains intriguing rock structures, hidden tunnels, and springs that were rumoured to be utilised as a source of water for the fort’s troops. The walk to the top might take up to two hours. Though it is a strenuous journey, you will indeed be guaranteed a breath-taking vista at the summit. From the summit, the view of Ghanpur Lake is exquisite. 

Distance: 113 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: June – September

The Chityal Hills - Treebo Blog

The Chityal Highlands are a scenic and quiet place near Hyderabad that is well-known for its hiking paths. The mountains are home to the Chityal valley, a popular trekking spot. The hills are surrounded by flora and enchant visitors with their splendour. The luscious green landscapes and chattering birds provide a relaxing environment for visitors.

Distance: 90 km from Hyderabad

Best time to visit: June – September

Snakes spoil SCB plans to develop the Gun Rock Hill

The craggy route to Gunrock hill is loaded with stones of all sorts of shapes, making it an ideal rock scrambling and trekking location in Hyderabad. This is also an unofficial historical monument. To reach the summit of the hill, one can use the stairs or trek the rough, rocky trail. Admittedly, adventurers prefer to take the unconventional path and trek across the rugged terrain to get the sense of success they seek. Believe it or not, the view from the top of hills is unprecedented and you will find peace and serenity at the cliff. 

Distance: 13.6 km 

Best time to visit: December – January

Now that we have listed out the most opulent and captivating trekking spots in Hyderabad, get your weekends bustling and start planning your camping trip!


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