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17 best Hill stations in Bangalore

17 best Hill stations in Bangalore

17 best Hill stations in Bangalore

After the pandemic and the two years of less travelling, this summer emerged as both a respite and an infuriating endurance. On the positive side though, we can pack our bags and go on a vacation to these hidden gems of places in and near the city that has successfully meshed nature and development, in Bengaluru.
I, P. Manisha has curated this list of some of the best hill stations in Bengaluru that will definitely be your dream destinations this summer.

Let’s start with the nearest places to cool off the smelting heat of the summer.

Within the 100 Km Sprinters radius around Bengaluru

1.Savandurga Hill

Savandurga is the most famous hill station approximately 48 – 51 km from Bengaluru, is a popular weekend destination spot to Bengalureans. A monolithic rock with rich history and equally adventurous experience, Savandurga Hills is a great amalgamation of both entertainment and pilgrimage. The hills are situated at an altitude of 1226 meters above the sea level, giving it a pleasant and cool environment.


This hill station is a haven for trekkers with two trekking paths ending in breathtaking views, Billigudda and Karigudda trekking paths. Billigudda is the popular path intermitted by the ruins of the Kempe Gowda, surrounded by massive vegetation. It is a very pleasant and most preferred trekking path, owing to the clear directions indicated on the boulders and less steep paths. Karigudda, the less explored path, is more adventurous, satisfying and memorable.

Things to do:

Have a spiritual start by visiting the temples of Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy and Narasimha Swamy at the base of the hills.

Apart from trekking, this hill station offers many fun activities that include: Zipline, Rope Course, Swimmingv and kayaking.

Transportation available: Cabs and Tempos


Ramanagara Hills is mightily famous for hosting its ground for the famous Sholay movie. Around 50 Km from Bangalore, this hill station is a combination of seven hills. Ramadevara Betta peak is the famous trekking route, a must visit destination ending with two temples, Ramadevara and Rameshwar.

ramanagara -
Image source: Karnataka


Rock Climbing on Sholay hills, trekking and Night trekking.

Things to do:

Visit Silk market, Biking at Mekedatu, Bird watching at Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary, Adventure camping, Janapada Loka cultural center.

Transportation available: Cabs, trains and Autos.


Antargange is a perfect amalgamation of hills, rivers and spirituality. With lush greenery and accompanying wildlife, this hill station presents a scenic view and experience contrary to the urban, stressful life.

Anthargange -
Image source:


The Anthargange trek’s highlights are the cave exploration and temples at the end of this adventurous trek. Kashi Vishweshwara temple also known as Dakshin Kashi meaning “The Kashi of the South” is a must visit spiritual destination.

Things to do: Trekking, Cave Exploration, Night Trekking.

Transportation available: Cabs, buses and trains.

4.Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is approximately 60 km from the city, a perfect weekend getaway to folks of Bengaluru. This hill station is famous for its historical significance and serene views, making it a haven to adventure seekers and nature lovers in equal measure.


A trek through great scenery ending in the “Tipu Drop,” an assumed punishment spot of the age of Tipu Sultan and a water storage pond in the name of Amrit Sarovar.

Things to do: Trekking, Parasailing, Camping, Cycling.

Transportation available: Cabs and trains.


A lesser known peak at a distance of 76 km from Bengaluru, this hill station is at an altitude of 3800 feet above sea level. This beautiful trek gives the tourists both a spiritual and physically enduring experience, albeit an unforgettable one.

Narayanagiri -
Image source: Makemytrip


Accompanied by a beautiful lake with an arch in the middle, the Narayanagiri hill trek is easier, less explored and ends with a visit to the Laxmi Narayana temple at its peak. The temple is open only on the weekends.

Things to do:

Night camping, a good bike ride to reach the hill station, picnic on the hill top with delicious food (even non-vegetarian is not frowned upon), water sports in the Kanva dam and cave exploration.

Transportation available: Private vehicles (bikes, cars, tempos, minibuses).

6.Biligiri Rangaswamy Betta

Rangaswamy Betta is a lesser known tourist destination which is at an approximate distance of 78 km from Bengaluru. For those searching for a peaceful, less crowded place, your quest ends at this tourist location. Deriving its name from the temple this place is dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy, it is the most sought after spot for some trekking activity.


An adventurous trek where tourists can spot magnificent elephants, whose home surrounds this forest.

Do note that the permission of the forest department is a necessity for continuing this unforgettable adventure.

Things to do:

Trekking, Night trekking, Dodda Sampige Mara, a 2000 year old tree, Bird watching, Elephant bathing and Forest safari.

Transportation available: Cabs and buses.

Within the 200 Km Sprinters radius around Bengaluru

7.Hogenakkal Falls and Melagiri Hills

Melagiri Hills is a breathtaking hill station 200 km away from Bengaluru. With the nearest attraction, Hogenakkal falls also known as the Niagara Falls of India, this combination of hills, valleys and waterfalls is a respite from the scorching summer heat.

Hogenakkal Falls and Melagiri Hills -


The meeting point of the Western and Eastern Ghats gives a supremely serene view with the occasional chance of spotting the one horned antelopes.

Things to do:

Plunge pool, coracle ride, oil massages by locals.

Image source: Telangana

Transportation available: Cabs and buses.

8.Horsley Hills

At an altitude of 4100 feet above the ground, this hill station is located in the middle of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, at a distance of approximately 150 km from Bengaluru.


Also known as the “Ooty of Andhra,” the misty greenery and temperatures not rising above 20 degrees are the best aspects of this hill station.

Things to do:

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, Mallamma Temple, Galiband View Point and the Gangotri Lake.

Transportation available:

Private transportation and buses (though public transport is unreliable).

9.Yelagiri Hills

Located at a distance of approximately 157 km from Bangalore, this pleasant hill station is situated in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. The valley surrounding the beautiful hill station comprises of orchards, rose gardens, and a lush green valley.


Trekking for an adventurous soul is the most sought after activity in these beautiful ranges.

Things to do:

Paragliding, Rock climbing, visit the Jalagamparai Falls, a walk in the nature park, a visit to the Punganoor lake and herbal farm.

Transportation available: Private transportation and buses.

Within 300 Km radius around Bengaluru

10.Yercaud Hill Station

The Yercaud Hills are a peaceful, beautiful and one of the few unspoiled hill stations of the South Indian Peninsula, is situated around 216 km from Bengaluru. Orange groves, Coffee plantations, Bananas, Pears and Jack Fruits surround this hill station and generate a pleasant atmosphere around this less explored hill station.

Yercaud Hill Station -
Image source: Incredible


The Loop Road trip offers a memorable trip and hiking in these cliffs would be a sensory experience to those looking to an adventurous and unforgettable experience.

Things to do:

Visit the Yercaud Lake and Pagoda Point, garden viewing, Bear cave exploration, teak forest trek, a trip to the Kiliyur waterfalls, Deer park and Lady’s seat.

Transportation available: Private vehicles and buses are readily available.

11.Sakleshpur Hill Station

Sakleshpur Hill station is situated within 300 km range of Bengaluru and is the right place to those looking for a fun filled road trip ending in a pleasant hilly and chilly experience.

This tourist location is filled with interesting and incredible historically significant monuments like ancient forts, coffee and spice plantations, waterfalls and treks.

Sakleshpur Hill Station -
Image source:

It is also a pilgrimage spot to tourists in search of spirituality being the host to Ayyappa Swamy Temple, Sri Sakleshwar Swamy Temple, Betta Byraveshwara Temple, Kukke Subrahmanya Temple, and Shettihalli Rosary Church.


The Manjarabad Fort constructed in the form of a star is the most visited tourist location in this hill station.

Things to do:

For adventure seekers, a must visit spot is the Farmers Son Resort & Adventurous Sports, Bisle View Point that presents a great view of the hill station, water sports like Banana Ride, Jet-Ski, Bumper Ride at Yagachi Dam and Railway Bridge Trekking intermitted by as many as 25 waterfalls apart from the pilgrim monuments in the region.

Transportation available: Private vehicle, train and bus.


See Also
image 20 -

Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is the most famous hill station of Karnataka at a distance of 250 km from Bengaluru. This hill station is filled with mesmerizing waterfalls, beautiful hill tops, incredible views, and sprawling coffee plantations.

Coorg -
Image source: Karnataka


The hospitality of the Kodavas, a local clan, that specialize in martial arts, is a must have experience. Waterfalls like Abbey falls and Iruppu falls are a relief from the summer heat.

Things to do:

Visit the Raja’s seat, Golden Temple, Dubare Elephant Camp, River rafting at Barapole river, Chiklihole Reservoir, Harangi Dam, a serene time at Honnamana Kere Lake and treks, especially the Kotebetta Trek.

Transportation available: Private vehicle, autos and bus.


Brahmagiri is a hill station located in between Karnataka and Kerala encompassing the beauty of both the places. Enveloped by nature, this hill station is covered in rich vegetation, beautiful green hills, and cool climatic conditions. At a height of 5276 feet, this hill station gives visitors a beautiful experience with rare flora and fauna, and especially flowering plants.

Brahmagiri -
Image source: kerala


The Brahmagiri peak trek is the most sought after activity of this visit. Surrounded by streams and a steep climb, this trek is a great experience for adventure seekers. A chance to spot the gaurs or elephants along the path can be a thrilling wait and a motivation to take on this journey.

Things to do:

Visit the Thirunelli Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Iruppu falls, Kadamba Jain Temple, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Transportation available: Private vehicle, autos and bus.

14. Kolli Hills

At a distance of approximately 258 km from Bengaluru, Kolli hills are for those looking for fun with mystery. Filled with beautiful treks ending in waterfalls, this place is both a physical and a mental reliever. A great destination if you are looking for a family outing.

kolli Hills -
Image source:


The Kolli Hills is a hidden herbal medicinal treasure, the farms grooming medical herbs that can be used in Ayurveda and Siddha treatments. Fruits and plants such as black peppers, jackfruits, bananas, pineapple,s oranges, tapiocas, especially jack fruit soaked in honey is a must have in this region.

Things to do:

Visit the Arapaleeswarar Temple, the botanical garden, Agaya Gangai waterfall, medical farm, exploration of the Siddhar Caves and take a ride at Vasalurpatty Boat House.

Transportation available: Buses and taxis apart from private transportation.

Within the 400 Km Sprinters radius around Bengaluru


The Kudremukh hill station at a distance of 332 km from Bengaluru, derives its name from its shape resembling the face of a horse. Trekking through the dense forests, green valleys and accompanying streams should be a once in a lifetime experience.

Kudremukh -
Image source: Karnataka


The Kudremukh trek is the highlight of this visit. This trekking path is home to great wilderness, giving tourists a chance to spot peacocks, yaks and other animals. Soothing waterfalls and water streams are a source of immense relief on the physically tiring trek, an overall great experience to have.

Things to do:

Visit the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, enjoy the Kalhatti and Hebbe waterfalls, visit these places of spiritual importance, Naga theertha, Amba theertha, Varaha theertha, Vashishta theertha and Rudra theertha.

Transportation available: Buses, taxis and cabs.


Agumbe Hill Station located at a distance of 355 km from Bengaluru is a soothing and serene hill station covered in greenery, hills and valleys. Known as the Cherrapunji‎ of South India, this hill station receives ample rainfall and is thus the best place to visit for a summer escape.

Agumbe -
Image source:


This is the place from the Malgudi Days, go to this place of nostalgia and enjoy the beautiful treks and waterfalls.

Things to do:

View the sunset, get drenched in the waterfalls of Barkana falls, Jogi Gundi waterfalls and Onake Abbi falls, boating and nature camps.

Transportation available: Buses and private transportation.

17.Kodachadri Hills

Kodachadri Hills approximately around 400 km from Bengaluru is famous for their beautiful and incredible sunsets and sunrises. This immensely pleasing trek can be a great spiritual experience ending in the Ganesha Guha and Sarvanja Peetha.

Kodachadri Hills -
Image source: Karnataka


The trek itself is an experience in itself encompassing spirituality, fun and mystery. The Ganesh guha is a mysterious cave where by exploration, the tourists can find an idol of the lord Ganesha. You might also get a glimpse of the Arabian Sea from the mighty peaks of these hills on a clear day.

Things to do:

Visit the Arasinagundi Falls, Belakallu Theertha, Nagara Fort, Hidlumane waterfalls, Jog Falls and divine places like Kollur Mookambika Temple and Sigandur Temple.

Transportation available: Good for a bike ride, jeeps and private vehicles.


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