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7 Best Travel Podcasts to listen to

7 Best Travel Podcasts to listen to

7 Best Travel Podcasts to listen to - Hashtag Magazine

Podcasts are the latest trend in producing great content in the audio space. Travel podcasts help you to experience the traveller’s personal experiences, and inspire you to pack your bags and travel. So, sit down, and plug in your headsets to fall in love with travelling as Dhanush Kumar lists down some of the best travel podcasts to listen to.

  1. Musafir Stories
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Musafir Stories is hosted by Saif Omar and Faiza Khan. The episodes help the audience to discover various new places like remote villages, river islands, and historically significant cities and monuments. Every week, the hosts bring in new guests who share their tales of travelling experiences through various regions.

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Jio Saavn, and Spotify.

  1. Zero To Travel
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Zero to travel gives you various tips to not only travel to various places but how to live on the road. It is packed with life-changing perspectives and some advice on travelling to new travellers. This podcast is hosted by James Moore, who has an experience of 15+ years of road life. He discusses travel hacks, budget travels, and offbeat travel destinations. 

Available on: Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

  1. Travel With RV Show

If you are interested in unheard travel stories of Indian travellers about tourism then, Travel with RV Show is the best option for you. The podcast is hosted by Rushi who shares the thrilled and rich experiences of different travellers across the country. The podcasts have inspired many listeners to explore new places and understand the Indian tourism industry.

Available on: Apple Podcasts, and Radio Public.

  1. India Chalo
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India Chalo is quite similar to Musafir Stories. The podcast is hosted by Rohan Bansal who shares engaging and inspirational conversations on exotic destinations. The guests on this show talk about the range of Indian destinations and the motivation behind their passion to explore new places. 

Available on: Apple Podcasts, Jio Saavn, and Spotify.

  1. Brewing Travel Shots
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Brewing Travel shots in one of the best podcasts hosted by Flapper Life which is a women’s travel and lifestyle company. The podcast helps in exploring a career in the travel industry. Each episode is filled with interesting tales of unsung female travellers. Many travellers like archaeologists, wildlife lovers, entrepreneurs, and bikers share their experiences about the natural world, travel hygiene easy for women. 

Available on: Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

6) reDiscovery 

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reDiscovery podcast focuses on places in India, hosted by the couple Ambika and Hoshner who quit their well-paying jobs to explore India through culture and communities. They speak about their journey on road, and they believe that every street or corner in India has a story to tell. 

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Available on: Apple Podcasts, Gaana, and Wynk.

7) Travel Stories by RK

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Travel Stories by Raman Kumar aka RK is all about discovering India. RK was a techie who quit his job for his passion for travelling. He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest journey by scheduled transport in a single country. He has covered all the states of India and explored more than 20 countries. He shares his life stories and some valuable tips for budget travelling.

Available on: Jio Saavn, Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify, and Amazon.


These travel podcasts will inspire you to pack your bags and explore some amazing destinations while also taking some valuable tips from the hosts regarding how to manage the budget for travelling. 


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